Shoe Shopping

It is a well documented fact that Beachy Mimi used to love to shop for shoes. If I found a comfortable pair, I might or might not attempt to acquire them in every color.

I have to confess that I even bought a style once that I adored in seven colors. One color was even faded on the left shoe from sitting in the window. I got it anyway, thinking if I just kept walking no one would notice the shoes were not exactly the same shade.

No one did.

I have matured since then.

A little.

Now, I mostly wear flip-flops. ALL THE TIME. WITH EVERYTHING. It's all about the comfort of my size 5 feet.

No more colored shoes, except for an animal print or something. It's just too much trouble.

If it is too cold for the flip-flops, I usually go with some Sketchers or something similar.

It is very difficult to find size 5 shoes.

Now that I am tentatively dating J (I guess one date really doesn't make a relationship) I must improve my wardrobe and shoe selection.

Last night I wore these really cute black open toed shoes with a three inch heel.
TORTURE!! But, I did look taller, which was the objective.

I couldn't walk in them, I had to shuffle.

Not the best impression to make on a first date.

I think I pulled it off because he didn't seem to notice my shoes.

I just know I can't get away with that twice without a major shoe malfunction which might or might not end up with me flat on my face or in a heap at his feet.

I really am not into the gladiator look that is popular right now. That style makes my feet look...fat.

So, Peeps, what are you wearing on your feet these days when you aren't bumming around in yoga pants? Any suggestions?

I just can't do the three inch heel strappy sandal because it forces me on my tippy-toes which is not a good look for me.

Help!!! I think my dating future depends on it.


a Tonggu Momma said...

I wear a nine-and-a-half double wide shoe... so... pretty much anything that fits. And yes, most of them are ugly. I realize this is not helpful.

Dawn said...

I'm not gonna be much help either as I'm a flip flop girl, too. (And TX weather means I can pull it off almost year 'round.) I say wear your flip flops - if this is turns into a long term relationship, he's gonna find out you like 'em anyway. Unless you want to wear stilletos for the rest of your life! Ha!

Mim said...

I say be yourself and wear your flip-flops! If he's interested in you it won't matter what's on your feet.

RR Mama said...

Yellowbox makes some great bling flip flops and some cute low heeled shoes, and they make some very high heels. Also go check Macy's right now their shoe selection is awesome!

Joan said...

You can browse every style out there and they have free shipping both ways even if you return them.

You can try them on and send them back if they don't fit or you just don't like them.

They have a gazillion shoes to select from and the site is easy to navigate.

Or... just wear what you have.. he probably doesn't care. Most men could care less about shoes.

I do get that you want something that makes you feel good about yourself. Self confidence is sexy!


cndymkr / jean said...

Size 5? I've got size 10 wide load feet! Oh well, we all have are crosses to bear, right? I would have to say that most men don't notice shoes but maybe he has a foot fetish? Wear whatever feels comfortable. I would also recommend

Heather said...

Flip-flops. They are so comfortable. Although today I wore tennis shoes because we were going to be out with the kids all day.

Tammy said...

My two most recent shoe purchases were all about comfort and not style.

I bought a pair of Tretorn tennis shoes because those were the super cute shoes I worn during most of the 1980's! And I found them online and HAD to buy them.

My 2nd purchase was some Rainbow Flip Flops....Rainbow as in the brand and not a description of the shoe. They are what all the "kids" are wearing here and they are really comfortable and have an arch support which my feet need!

(can you say verbose?)

linda said...

Wear flip flops. Otherwise if it gets serious he's gonna think "I thought she was taller".

Linda Again said...

Or check these out (so cute!):'06.htm

Kim said...

AMEN to the difficulty in finding size 5 shoes.

I wear a lot of flip-flops but I've also been wearing just plain flats. I just bought a red pair that I loooooove. Every woman should own a pair of red shoes.

Lacey Carney said...

Okay I love TOMS! They are super cute and come in a variety of colors and textures. Plus every pair you buy they donate a pair to needy kids! Can't beat that. And if you want height go for a wedge more stability and plus with an open toe and some cute toenail polish what better look could you want for spring??!!