I Cooked...It's A Miracle

Well, Peeps. Cooking might be stretching it a little bit.
But I did make an effort to impress Mr. Wonderful with my skillz.

I went to KFC and got a bucket of their wonderful grilled chicken, brought it home and put in in my container in my oven. Brilliant!

I also fixed green beans. Fairly safe choice, and Mac and Cheese. After all, Mr. Wonderful likes cheese, right?

WRONG! Not Mac and Cheese!

Bless him, he ate it before he told me.

Not Mac and Cheese? That's UnAmerican...oh right. He IS from another country...


Dawn said...

I'm planning to do some cooking just like yours this weekend! LOL

I think we've found a flaw - WHO doesn't like mac and cheese???

cndymkr / jean said...

I can't believe you cooked! This must be serious. I have a sign over my stove, "Dare to Cook". I seldom dare.

Christy said...

Looks like Mr. Wonderful can be the cook in this relationship! Not a bad deal! By the way, I would have loved that dinner.