The Second Date

I was still very happy with the first date and eagerly anticipating the second.

Promptly, Mr. Wonderful shows up and off we go.

He asked me where I would like to grab something to eat and I replied, "Sonic? McD's?" and he replied, "Have you ever had Vietnamese food?"


So off we went to a new dining experience for me.

When having such a gastronomical invasion of uncertain foods, one must worry about strange things settling in between your visible teeth and gastrointestinal distress aka diarrhea. Not a good date problem.

I ate VERY CAREFULLY and I must say the food was delicious.

We attended a great date movie (as in comedy) and then sat on my front porch talking until midnight.

Before he left, he asked to spend the whole next day (Sunday)with me and told me he would pick me up at 9. That's 9 AM. Of course I said YES! We had an awesome day.
Tell you about it later.

Now, to answer about The Palace and their verdict of Mr. Wonderful. You must ask them, Peeps. I'm scared of Queen B.


Wade's World said...

You are going to have to quit leaving us hanging here!

Dawn said...

Dates three, four and five???

And Queen B? (I know you're reading...) What's the verdict?

Kristen@nosmallthing said...

Can't wait for the next BM story. :)

I must say BM, that you're rather tame these days. You haven't lost your wild streak now have you?!