If my Peeps notice, I took a picture of the gulf below as we took off from the airport.   If you also notice closely...The wing of the plane looks to be on backward...OR COULD IT BE THEY MADE BEACHY MIMI RIDE ON THE PLANE FACING THE REAR!!!

Double upchuck.

They..THEY thought it was funny.
Me?  Not so much.

Then we got to talking about our pedicures, which we badly needed after the detoxing footbath.

The salon gives you a real...ah..special chair for the pedicure.

You see that seat on/off button?    We didn't.   By the time the pedi was over.   I felt violated and the chair owed me dinner at least.   Or maybe we should have it arrested.   Quite an experience. I've never had south central Beachy Mimi...massaged with such intensity.

It didn't stop us though!   Being so dedicated to our toes, we hung in there.

I had no idea where PeepOne was going with this...

I should have known.   ZEBRA.   Isn't that cute.

Proof they made me ride backwards.   Those are pilots over my shoulder.

So, I decided they had to put up with my feet since I didn't have anyplace to rest them.

Which only started a feet fight.

We have been inspired by Toenailer, whose website is so stinking cute.   We love to copy so we were trying to find the best shot to showcase our feet.

I think I'm going to add toes to all the pictures I take from now on through my travels.

I don't think The Parental was too impressed.   She says we can't ride with her anymore. heh heh

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RR Mama said...

PeepOne rocks the zebra print!