A few weeks ago, we began to notice a strange odor every time we open the door of the refrigerator.

So out on the counter went everything, tossing anything "suspicious" and wiping down the inside with vinegar and water.

Next day..still there.  Next I put in a bowl of charcoal.


Next...empty the frig again plus the freezer.  


Next...lots of boxes of soda.


In fact, it was worse.

I told Mr. Wonderful that the frig had to die if I were going to live here.  He agreed.

This weekend, one last attenpt to save the life of the frig.  

Mr. Wonderful took everything out of frig and freezer, piled everything on the counter and started cleaning.

I was on the couch (plucking) when I decided to go online to see if I could find an answer to the problem or someone who needed a frig that didn't care about the odor.

I found a fix it website and typed "help" and behold...someone actually knew what to do.

It required Refrigerator Surgery.

We got out the tool box, and Mr. W  began removing the back panel on the bottom of the frig.  The size is about 12"X24".   It was fastened to the back with seven  SEVEN screws.

Wow.  If we had a burgler he/she would NOT steal the back of that frig!

After removing the panel, out came the tubing (think intestines) that went on and on.   This had to be bleached.  (Frig is three years old)

Bob the builder on the internet typed, "You might want to stick a wooden spoon handle with a paper towel down the tubing."    I asked, "...why?"    He said, "To remove gunk."     I fainted.   Just kidding.  Ick.

One would think if I could handle foot detox residue I could handle frig tubing gunk...but, no.   Whole different level of gunk for me.

Thankfully, no gunk in the tubing. 

It got a thorough bleaching so there will never be gunk in there.  EVER.

We vacuumed, washed, wiped down anything we could find.

I even found green peas Under the frig...we don't even eat green peas.   Go figure.

I wish I had taken pictures.

Love ya, Peeps!


Lacey said...

So, did it stop smellin' ?

Fuschia said...

Personally, I'm very grateful you did not take pictures. I would have been forced to look at them, because it's your post, and then I would have fainted. Then, RedDaddy would have fainted, because I am sure I would be purchasing a new refrigerator! Yeah, I'm that neurotic...I am.

Dawn said...

Who knew??? Insn't it amazing what you can find n the web?

Thanks for not sharing the pictures!