As I mentioned in another post, The Parental had a birthday and PeepOne and I went to Florida to sit on the beach help her celebrate.

This was her birthday present.   Yes, that is Beachy Mimi enjoying the present.

This was at her birthday dinner.   Doesn't she look super for 88!

This is what she chose to eat.  Me?   Not so much.

PeepOne enjoyed the festivities, too.

This is the menu item she chose.  Me?  Not so much.

This was PeepOne's fork after attemping to dig out the meat on the said menu item.   Does anyone know the name of the legs of a fork?    Tines.

These are our friends that celebrated with us.

This is what the man, H., chose to eat.  Me?   Not so much.

This is the incredibly cute son of H. and L.  I know someone who thinks he is REALLY cute and would like to meet him.

He chose this to eat.   Lots and lots of this.   Me?  Not so much.

Then we all went home and lived happily ever after.

Happy Birthday, PU!

Love you more than bananas!


Fuschia said...

#1: YES, The PU looks AMAZING!!!

#2: If you didn't eat said menu item (and #3: why the heck not!?), what DID you eat?

#4: I'm betting a certain 12 year old girl will not be too happy with you **giggle**

#5: Tell PeepOne she looks amazing, too!

#6: you KNOW I think you always look amazing. :)

and finally,#7 (it is the number of perfection after all): Do you love me more than you love bananas, or more than bananas love me?

PeepOne said...

PeepOne here... sorry you didn't like our food choice. You couldn't eat for watching me bend my fork! Said fork could have injured me! I love The PU and I love Beachy Mimi! Great memories to treasure...

RR Mama said...

WOW PU looks amazing!!! Glad you had a great time. You also look amazing. and if PU looks that good at 88 just think about how good you will look when you get to be her age!! AWESOME!!!

Tammy said...

Y'all both look GREAT!!!