Peeps, in my  neighborhood NOTHING happens. 

Mr. Wonderful and I sit on the porch a lot (when weather permits) and watch absolutely nothing happening.

Occasionally, my neighbor walks their 2 beautiful standard poodles, and we ooh and ahh and their beauty.

Once, alot of cars were at one house down the street and people were bringing in covered dishes and I was so miffed we weren't invited to the party.

They had died.

I'm a really up to date neighbor.

Apparently there is a grapevine of news but I am out of the loop.   Very frequently I get tidbits of things going on.

The latest is...we are getting a NEW neighbor.   One even surprising for our neighborhood.   She's under 50!

I won't say her name at this point, but she was the winner of Survivor last year.

Can you imagine?

I can't wait to grill her  welcome her to the neighborhood!

PeepOne, PeepTwo and I will be her new BFF's.


Anonymous said...

PeepOne here....I can hardly wait!
Hope she likes us!!

Nancy said...

Sandra Diaz? How cool!