It IS Coming!!

Cyber-cookies to all! 

The Reveal will be any moment.

The person installing the new look has a power outage and therefore is at the mercy of the ELECTRIC COMPANY!

As soon as...the power returns she will
1.   feed her children and/or pets
2.   Vacuum--we all know how we hate it when we lose power and can't vac.
3.   do laundry--it's ALIVE and GROWS
4.   put up the Christmas tree--she has been busy working on my blog,
5.   go get a mani/pedi
6.  add a massage to that.   The shoulders just ACHE from too much computer time
7   drink lots of hot coffee or (in my case) cokes
8.  eat a cookie
9.  nap
10.  The Big Reveal!!

Karen@simplyamusingdesigns and the team there did the whole thing and I can't wait.   They are so creative

So, you Peeps may see it before I do.  They did a fabulous job and are very professional.

Later, Peeps.

14 comments: said...

We're leaving a comment from our phone this morning to give you a quick update - we should have power within the HOUR! woo hoo! :) Thanks for your patience and for allowing us to make some coffee to warm the bones before installing the new look. :)

Karen Lewis
Simply Amusing Designs

Dawn said...

It is AWESOME!!! The perfect design for you.

Congrats on the new "do."

cndymkr / jean said...

I love it! It is perfect.

PeepOne said...

PeepOne here....Wow and Wow again!
I think this is the cutest design I have ever truely fits you to.a.t....!Gonna sit back and enjoy the ride for the new year!

RR Mama said...

Love the new design!! It's so totally you!! Karen did a great job.

Fuschia said...

ADORABLE! and FUN! Just like you. :)

Jackie@Our Moments, Our Memories said...

Wow, it looks great! Love it!

Julie said...

I love the new design! Love it!

jamie b said...

so cute and it fits you perfectly!!!

Joan said...

Super Cute!

Queen B said...

It looks great!!!!! So excited for you!

Linda said...

I couldn't have done a better job myself - really, I couldn't. Don't know how. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Nanato4 said...

I love the design!

Paula said...

I love it. It's so ..... you!