Let me tell you, Peeps.

I am in MISERY.

Got the root canal. Had to go back on Saturday to get more done.

I've been moaning ever since and I'm still thinking the dentist is not finished. AGONY.

Mr. Wonderful said very innocently, "Wow. If a tooth hurts this much, I would hate to see if you had some Real Serious Pain."

WHAT? Don't mess with Beachy Mimi in AGONY.

I sent Mr. Semi-Wonderful to get his teeth cleaned that very day (God was smiling because he got an appointment right away).

He came home moaning about his sore gums. Heh Heh

heh heh heh heh

No more comments about about my whining
tooth pain.

I tell you all that to explain that this tragedy happened the same time as the REVEAL and has totally made me selfish consumed me for a few days.

I hope to be back to my blogging self in a few days.

I know you are holding your breath. heh heh

Love My Peeps!


Fuschia said...

I'm sorry to hear you are hurting! Take some serious meds and get some rest...that's an order! ;)

PeepOne said...

PeepOne here....really sorry about your tooth. Totally understand...bff :)

Dawn said...

So sorry about the pain. I hope you are taking your meds... you don't get any brownie points or discounts for going without!!!

Be blessed!