I think all the winners have sent contact info, and should be getting your cards in the mail by next week.

I do appreciate all 10 of you that read,...that counts lurkers..., Beachy Mimi.

YOU HAVE 16 DAYS.    Sorry someone had to yell it for you last minute shoppers.

Some of the good deals I'm seeing make waiting worth it.   But, if you are looking for a specific item...good luck.

At the Beachy house, gifts always have a theme.   This year?    Not so much.   I guess my theme is silliness and fun.   Plus it has to fit in a gift bag.  I'll show you some pictures later.

Some Peeps might see what they were getting!

I have done this much:

mailperson:   got cookies
UPS guy:  got cookies
hair person:  got cookies
See my theme?

Trash men?   can't catch them but trying
Paperman?   too early for me
neighbors?  keeping the shades down and lights off...ran out of cookies


Paula said...

I read. Often. Well, all the time really. I just dont post much. But I miss you when you dont post.

PeepOne said...

PeepOne here....I read your post twice...IT CRACKED ME UP!!! I don't want cookies...just sayin. Te he, you know I'm kiddin..I am the cookie monster! Cyber Hugs!

linda said...

Peep One, I'm a cookie monster too - love them!

Dawn said...

Some of us have less than 14 days... much less. YIKES! Normally, I'm finished with my shopping WAY in advance of the holidays. Not so this year and I don't like the feeling. Bet I'll be back to my prepared in advance routine next year!

When's the big reveal?

Mari said...

Wish I was one of the folks getting the cookies. SIGH. Maybe some cyber cookies?? (hint, hint)

Fuschia said...

As many cookies as I've already eaten this season, I'm big enough to be TWO readers!!

yes, when's the reveal????

Penny said...

Now you made me feel guilty. I guess I can put some cookies in the mail slot for the mail person.

Looking forward to the reveal!