Stay In Your On Age Bracket (or not)

How I get myself in messes! Does anyone else ever do that?

For the L o n g e s t time I have wanted jeans with holes in them. I know they are for younger girls, twenty-somethings and thirty-cuties with good figures.

I am none of these.

I still have wanted some. I've gone up to complete strangers to ask them
"Who does your hair? and Where did you get your jeans?"

Most say, "I got them at Gap two years ago, etc. etc."

Last week, I had lunch with Queen B and forced asked nicely if she would take me in a teen-age store to look for some jeans.

They thought I was looking for The Princess until I told them a size.
The guy waiting on me--blinked once, and recovered nicely and said, "I'll see what we have in the back."

I think he went back there to laugh himself silly.

He eventually came back with a couple for me to try on. They were WAY too long but since this store does alterations, I felt like they would be great.

I wanted to leave them to be fixed, but the guy said they would shrink in the length and I might want to wash them first.


Next scene. Beachy Mimi washing jeans immediately.

OMGosh. They shrunk. ALL OVER.

I put them on and the waistband didn't even cover the essentials. I'm not talking about the back essentials...THE FRONT ESSENTIALS.

I just collapsed in a heap.

I was trying to crawl under the bed to suck my thumb when Mr. Semi-Wonderful (not quite over the non-sympathy of the tooth. Just a few more days and I will be) walked in the bedroom and said, "What's wrong?"

I stood up.

He tried. He really did. But the laughter just burst forth!

Note to self: GIVE IT UP.

Okay. I confessed. I feel SO much better.

Love my Peeps.


Sheila said...

This has to be one of the funniest post I have seen in a while. the things we do to ourselves to be "hip" or feel "young.
I am not laughing at you I am laughing with you...
Have a great evening

Linda said...

I love the torn jeans too! Why in the world did they shrink from both directions? Dang faulty merchandise.

Queen B said...

Well. I guess The Princess can get a new pair of jeans for Christmas...?

Fuschia said...

I read this out loud to all the Pinks and we ROFL. ;)

Peach wants to know why you don't just put holes in your own jeans...I know, she's 16, what can I say?!

Lacey said...

I am agreeing with peach!! In fact give me a pr of ur's u don't care a lot about and we will transform them!! :) must say I may or may not have giggled. But u must never dry ur jeans or if u do wear them around the house unzipped bend, stretch, do yoga then they will b back to exactly what u want;)