A Meme from Mamma Belle and Lisa

Bayou Belles and their Beau
and Lisa at Take 90 West
tagged Beachy Mimi with a Meme about blogging. I thank them GREATLY since I had nothing else to blog about today and the next giveaway is not quite ready.

Here are the rules:
1. Write about 5 specific ways blogging has affected you, either positively or negatively.
2. link back to the person who tagged you
3. link back to this parent post
4. tag a few friends or five, or none at all
5. post these rules— or just have fun breaking them

Alrighty then.... here goes.

1. Queen B is, as most of you know, my birthling, only child, spawn, delight of my life. When she began blogging, I began to harass her by leaving little smartie comments on her blog or equivalent e-mails.
When we were on May's NEVERENDING VACATION IN Florida, she set me up and said "get after it...with conditions. I know your passcode and I can zap you if you say ANYTHING I DON'T LIKE". Well.... well...Beachy Mimi has to push the limits a little bit. I would be Queen Mother/Beachy Mimi if I DIDN'T. Those of you raising teenagers right now will totally understand my desire for a little bit of payback for HER teenager
angst I SUFFERED THROUGH. Let me repeat I SUFFERED THROUGH TEENAGER ANGST FROM MY CHILD AND SURVIVED SOMEWHAT INTACT. This has been a wonderful payback source for me.

2. I am much older than most of the Peeps I have run across to this point. Maybe, some of the experiences/mistakes/non-mistakes I have made/encounterd/created will help another Peep throught encouragement, rethinking a decision, or keeping a Peep from TOOTIE LASERING.

3. Living in a new town and a year out of a divorce, this has given me bloggy friendships that I LOVE. I know that if I met some of you in person we would just hit it off and continue our bloggy conversations. I pray for you and I know that you do also pray for me when I ask. Most of the blogs I have come across are Christian women. I JUST LOVE HOW GOD DOES THAT. I firmly believe women need women.
And face it. When the town you live in is full of women that wear pantyhose with sandals, you might just have to look outside the box to find some female companionship. I'm just sayin'.

4. I learn more everyday about how much my faith means to me. I find myself doing what Beth Moore suggested--getting face down on the floor before God to empty out myself and fill myself with Him. On that same note, I think as Christian women we can talk about things and ask questions about things and learn things that are not vulgar but, hey, we may need to know some of this stuff. Who else am I going to ask?
My Bible Study group sure doesn't talk about THE GIRLS and HIGH BEAMS, tootie grooming, and various other subjects we have yet to cover. But we can cover those in tasteful, informative ways.

5. That, of course, may be a negative for some of you, so just keep on going down the road. I do not ever wish to offend anyone. I love to give. That is why I do my giveaways. I don't expect anything in return or any big recognition for it. It's just what I do. Deal with it.

6. There are not supposed to be a six but it did say I could break the rules. I need someplace to dump all my random thoughts and questions. I do spend time reading blogs, but it has just replaced reading romance novels that weren't that good for me anyway. I do not plan. Stop that. Stop laughing. It just goes out the brain, down the arms and out the fingers. I have not doubt you already knew that.

In summary...I blog for enjoyment, relationships, humor, encouragement, wise council, advice, stealing ideas from you, giveaway opportunities, payback and anatomical surveys.

So...The five of you I have tagged are:

Grace Comes by Hearing
Cool and Hip I am NOT
For the Love of Sam
No Whining Allowed
No Small Thing

Go get it, Peeps!!


The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Thanks for playing. Yours was way more interesting than mine.

a Tonggu Momma said...

I am one of those peeps learning from you, although I must announce to one and all that I never - not once did I I ever - consider the lasering. (It sounded painful even before the detailed description.)

THE ROOST said...

We love your give-a-ways and knowing more about you.

Wendi said...

I just love these little "speed dating" sessions and learning more about you.
Great meme.
Loved your answers.

Tammy said...

"When the town you live in is full of women that wear pantyhose with sandals"

Got a *snort* from me on that one.

You are great, Mimi...and that's not the Sonic gift card talkin'.

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

Oh, that was a great meme! Very fun to read!

I love reading your blog and I think you should freely be able to talk about all of these things in your bible study. I'd talk about them with you. ;)

I learn from you and am encouraged. Thank you Mimi!

Pattik said...

PeepOne here. Great post Beachy Mimi.
For all you Beachy Mimi peeps,
you are very lucky to have someone
like Beachy Mimi to laugh at, laugh
with, pray for, be prayed for,cry for,crys for you and on and on and
on. She is one special lady and I
know how lucky I am cause I am
PeepOne. She will even sleep in the maids quarters and give you the big room! HA HA!! Now that's a giving Beachy Mimi!!!

Mari said...


You are a card! I love reading your blog. It really makes my day. And no worries, I have absolutely NO PLANS to laser "there". You've taught us well :)

Fuschia said...

I think I'll send Queen B a thank you for setting your blog account up for you...I mean for ME!
You are a riot, but also a big ole softy. Love that about you!!
Your genrosity is amazing. AND your insight into the important things (like tootie lasering, and high beams) is astounding ;)

tam said...

Why are there no bloggers that are...shall we say, having more life experiences? While we are at it, why can't we discuss certain subjects in bible study? Very strange I tell you, sounds like a conspiracy.

Lisa @ Take90West said...

Blogging is a blessing...I love your blog and I don't think age matters, I am comfortable talking to anyone! I was thinking of getting my chin/lip lasered, but was a little scared, now your experience has pretty much decided it for me.