As He Becomes an Evacuee...

Mr. Random came by briefly on his way out of town as an Ike evacuee. I mean he is high-tailin' it out to Florida to escape the wrath of Ike. Of course, he's taking me too...

Anyway... the lucky Books-A-Million winners of a $50 gift card (they have a web site also you can use) are:

the inept aspirant
momma jones
Nicole at On The Run

Congratulations! You should already have an e-mail from me.

Peeps, I have some VERY SERIOUS BUSINESS to discuss with you. I have never had this happen before, but three winners were chosen by Mr. Random and they had NO E-MAIL ADDRESS. He's got to have some way of getting ahold of you so in the next giveaway PLEASE leave me a way to contact you. I don't want anyone to miss out.

As we flee the remmants of Ike, I will be gone for a few days. Never fear!!!
The Palooza continues.

All gift cards and e-certificates have been mailed/sent, so if you didn't get yours, PLEASE e-mail me and let me get it fixed for you.

I'll announce the next Palooza tomorrow!!

Love My Peeps!


Mari said...

Be safe Mimi!! Praying for you. And congrats to the winners.

tam said...

I told you Mr. Random was going to be your dream guy. Both of yall take care of each other during this awful storm and everyone else with you. We are praying.

Heather said...

Congrat to the winners!

And Mimi, be safe. :)

Fuschia said...

Hmmmm...coming to Florida you say??

Perhaps, my dream will come true ;)

Don't get too cozy with Mr. Random...remember, you're waiting for Mr. Specific!

THE ROOST said...

Have fun! Be careful :-)

JenniferB said...

You are so awesome, Beachy Mimi! I had a blast spending my amazon card -- got a couple of things for the kids for Christmas (shhh -- maybe that was Santa) and a couple of things for me, for NOW (that was not Santa). ;) I hope you're safe and have a wonderful Sunday!

RR Mama said...

Hi Mimi! Thanks for the prayers. We are actually doing great. The boys think we are on an adventure. I keep hearing all kinds of different things from people who stayed. My BFF took about 30 pictures of my house for me. And did what they could to cover it up. They keep telling me WE will fix it. Those words are so comforting to me. By the way the boys found a ton of shells at the beach. We decided to by a nice container and put them in it as reminder of our adventure. Be safe!

The (Almost) Amazing Mammarino said...

Praying for you!!! Stay safe!

I just had a doozy of a "duh" moment! I've been out of town, so a I'm a little behind on reading. When I got to your blog I started reading before I scrolled down, and when I saw something about your leaving with Mr. Random, I thought he was your new beau!!!!

(Hmmmm . . he may be better than a few of the previous candidates . . ."