O My!...A BMBM

For those of you who are new...BMBM is Beachy Mimi's Beauty Musings...we haven't done one in a while. I also use that because it REALLY freaks out Queen B when I say BM. Heh Heh

While this post doesn't exactly have anything to do with beauty, except for the beauty OF it, it has more to do with women's health and well-being.

This is how I got here.

A VERY nice lady from church was talking--(not confidentially)--about her sister who has been married 42 years. During the conversation...I'm not exactly sure how...she mentioned that the sister had never had the BIG O. Wow.

As the BIG O has been absent from my life for a couple of years now, I cannot imagine this poor woman going 42 years without.


I totally believe it is 99.999999999999999999999% the husband's responsibility to be
the leader here. Let's just say...in the driver's seat.

In fact, if we explained to husbands and used a car analogy, maybe they would get it.

I realize that most of you don't have a problem in this area. Wonderful! But there are alot of women who do. I have one acquaintance whose husband only wants relations ONCE A YEAR. They've been married 15 years. Even then there is no O in her alphabet. I think people would be so surprised at what does and does not go on behind closed doors.

Back to the car. Tell the husband that you can have a...manual transmission. According to my gyn, this is the way about 75% of women roll.

However, he (the gyn) says that if you are...in alignment...with proper...torque...your automatic transmission comes in to play. He says very few women experience this.

Believe me, I have faked reaching "high C" (think piano and singing) enough to win an Oscar, Emmy and Tony Award. Probably not the best route to take.

There are some wonderful Christian books on the subject. Beth Moore even led a study with her women's group about this subject, so it's OKAY to talk about it.

The problem is, women read...men usually don't. Underline passages. Hand him the book. You may think it will hurt his feelings, but he would MUCH rather you be happy and he will get over it.

It's healthy, normal and a total gift from God.

One of my friend's parents have 12 children and the husband has NEVER seen his wife unclothed. Okay, that is just not normal. Obviously from another generation. Like my grandparents. I'm sure they never had relations, either. EWWW!

Here's hoping you have a Capital O in YOUR alphabet.

Note to Queen B, I guess there ARE worse letters than BM. Now you will have to include O in that!!


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I would give pretty much anything to see the Queen's face when she reads this.

But, seriously, this is a good topic. One of the most helpful books that we have read is Sheet Music by Kevin Leman...I highly recommend it.

Heather said...

I can show you how to change your password..do it before Queen sees this....LOL

For those that haven't been "put into gear" properly...I have much sympathy. The world looks so much better with the O in the alphabet.

Also, I got tickled that you made the analagy to a "high C" and the commenter before me referenced a book called "Sheet Music."

Birdie said...

Mama Belle linked to you for your bloggy award so I thought I'd pop over & see what all the funny was about and you delivered *L* I guess somehow people come to you with their lack ess-ee-ex & big Os huh? Wow. Lucky you...*wink* I'm thankful my husband of 18 years figured that all out gloriously all by himself. My Os are always of the uppercase sort, extra large, bold font *Laugh*

Dawn said...

Oh, my... my... my...

What I wouldn't give to see The Queen's face as she reads this. Of course, I may hear the scream all the way over here in TX.


Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

Oh my... let me see after 37 years of marriage, I don't have a problem in this area, my Man is a great driver of my transmission!LOL
I do think this is a great post for women who need it and the men who think they don't!

The Inept Aspirant said...

You are a brave woman to venture to this topic!
Just remember, any of you who are offended by this subject, God is the Creator of this beautiful thing! (I'm teaching reproduction to my teenage daughter and I have to keep reminding her of this fact)

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

What a day to link you! I left you a little award over at my blog. I think Queen B may be mortified, but I love your honesty and humor. A girl's just got to have the O in her alphabet, otherwise it's not complete. I can't imagine going without. Weird.

Tracey said...

You are so in troubbbble...from the Queen!!

Speaking of a lot of kids and never being naked...my mother was complaining of being overly warm when she was in bed (this was back when I was in my twenties)so I suggested..."Mom, your with your husband just sleep naked." Being very offended her rely was..."I have never been naked with your father!" I am the last of eight children and now feeling very sorry for old dad! Anyway...have a good day and let me know how the Queen takes all this.

a Tonggu Momma said...

I think you just gave your dear daughter a heart attack.

Fuschia said...

Let's hear it for the O!!
I think women need to learn about their own bodies, too. I had a friend who THOUGHT she was having O's until she actually had one! She never had much of a s*x drive before that point...go figure!

Has anyone seen the episode of Home Improvement where the boys hear Tim and Jill and tell their younger brother that Mom and Dad were having a somersault contest? The next morning he asks his dad who won. Tim replies,"Your mother, she always wins." He looks at Jill and asks, "You did win didn't you?" She smiles and says, "Twice!" *hee hee hee*

Joan said...

This post is deserving of the Blog Hall of Fame if there is such a thing.

Maybe we need to start one.

God Bless

Queen B said...

There are no words.

Lindsay said...

Good topic.. one that most people are afraid to approach.. hehe Can't wait to see if QB comments on this post.. :-)

Kelli said...

You totally crack me up! You are my new favorite MiMi! Thanks for not being afraid to say what everyone else is thinking!

aka - One Happy Wife ;)

Christy said...

They had this conversation in church?!

Not only do you tackle the tough subjects that need to be said, you do it very tactfully, in my opinion.

Thanks for the reminder of what a wonderful husband I have.

Capri K said...

Oh MY, the Queen is going to have your head!!!!!
Only you could post this, only you!
Who could not be Pro "O" ?

Tammy said...

Wow, and to think the Tootie waxing embarrassed me. :-)

Good thing QB's head is still spinning from her football ticket fiasco. :-)

Amy said...

All I can say is that I had to cover my eyes for this one! Mimi...what will you think of next?

Soliloquy said...

As I am fairly CONFIDENT your blogging privileges will soon be REVOKED, I'd like to take this opportunity to say I have loved your blog and I will miss you.

If you decide to re-launch Beachy Mimi separate from your dependence on the Queen, I might be able to help.

Angela said...

Wow and I thought the hair down there was a "shocking" subject. gasp. What I liked most was how while discussing O you maintained the sanctity of those relations. Thank you.

Seriously I thought my grandma was bold and free with her speaking/typing. :) Good job.

cndymkr / jean said...

I have to say that every time I see "BM" I get a little freaked out.

But talking about the big "O" is perfectly acceptable, even encourageable.

linda said...

Queen B didn't even know you knew what the Big O is, much less that you've experienced it.

Drama Mama said...

Way to go B MIMI!
You totally rock!
What's next?

Erin K. said...

So, it's late here, and I'm reading along on your little old blog, trying to figure out what the "O" stands for.

Then it hit me, and I went "Ooooooooh!"


Good topic. Love the manual transmission comment. As part of our pre-marital counseling, our pastor gave us a copy of "Intended for Pleasure" by Ed Wheat, along with some audio tapes that were older than dirt. (Thankfully, the "older than dirt" part didn't matter, because this topic, and the art of mastering it, are also older than dirt.)

Listening to those tapes and reading the book before we got married was probably the best time investment we could have made!

Jen said...

You go girl.

And what's this about you not having had one in awhile? I cannot believe that -- with your extensive knowledge of how things work?

Here's to thoroughly embarassing our daughters! Banned-Subject-Discussers Unite!

kristen@nosmallthing said...

Hoooweee is all I can say. You make me laugh. Yes, I'm going to miss you BM.

jessilynn said...

Woweeee! 42 years and no "O"?! Bless her heart..lol.

Well, I am in the same boat as you Mimi. 43 and single and not really looking because everytime I choose I make the worst mistakes so this time it will be God doing the choosing for me..can't go wrong that way. ;-)

PS> I was reading where you like bald headed guys...me too! I met a man not too long ago and he was so handsome with that bald head and pretty brown eyes...problem is he lives in Oregon and I am in Florida so, so much for that.

Take care! Kristi

Lisa @ Take90West said...

O my!

Nicole said...

I had never filed the O under "beauty musings" before.

Now I guess I have:)