And Fun Was Had By Most

Beachy Mimi had fun!! But, BM almost always has fun.

Spring breaker update. More incoming today. Lots of drinking on the beach. Kids trying to hide booze. Adults all laughing because their hiding is so obvious.

I actually went to the beach to sit of one of the precious beach chairs. The beach guy gave me a deal. I guess because I am so old. I am old. It was hot out there!
Couldn't smile at him when I thanked him--snaggled toothed and all. Not sure I was looking in his direction since I can't see. No wonder he gave me a deal.

Saw dolphins up close. I am so easily entertained.

Reminder to parents: Think twice before letting you kiddos go with a group to the beach on Spring Break. I'm just sayin'. I could blackmail LOTS of people with my camera. But I wouldn't do that. Really. I wouldn't. It is much more fun to watch when it is not your kid.

Most everyone was having a great time today. All ages laughing, digging in the sand, swimming, playing beach games. All except for Mr. Grump.

Bless him. I wonder why he chooses the beach to hang out if he is so happy-challenged?

Oh! Gotta go. Streakin' on the beach...NOT ME...the kids. Gotta to watch from my balcony.


Queen B said...

Is Mr. Grump a member of your traveling party or just a random tourist?

Just wondering.

cndymkr / jean said...

You are so right, it is fun when they aren't your own kids!

Tammy said...

Oh, I imagine between the drunkeness and nakedness you could probably write a pretty good book.

Shauna said... kids are such beach streakers....

PaulaW said...

Oh Mimi!! I have missed you and your stories so much. I am glad you and your computer have been reunited and you are back in blog land.


Lisa @ Take90West said...

I'm so glad you're posting again, Mimi!
Hope you're enjoying the beach, even with all the Spring breakers!