She Blogged!

The Queen couldn't stand it. Heh Heh. She had to post about some of her many adventures.

I told you they weren't telling me everything.

Gunshot? No one said anything about a gunshot. Why did she stop there? She's evil, that's why. She knew her mother would freak.

God is showing me just how much he is protecting them.

Getting ready to return to Florida to get PU. I had to come home to examine my Peeps and count fingers and toes.

Mothers are like that.


Theresa said...

Safe travels....

RR Mama said...

Have you made your welcome home banner yet? I'm sooo ready for them to back in the USA!

Tammy said...

Give 'em a big squeeze from the blog family.

Can't wait to hear and see more from their trip.

Fuschia said...

And what a good Mother/Mimi you are!

Dawn said...

I need your help... come by for a visit!