A Report From the Palace

Finally, Peeps!! I heard from the Queen.

They are doing well. The King is up to his neck in a construction project...he is in charge of the electrical (that's pretty desperate...I'm just sayin').

They had church this morning and it was very cold. They are at 8000 feet at Casa.

Someone just turned in a 3 or 4 day old little girl that was abandoned...that just breaks my heart. At least Casa is a safe place for her.

The Queen has latched on to a 7 year old boy she would like to stick in her backpack. It sounds like the toddlers are sticking to them like Velcro.

The Princess set up shop and painted fingernails for the little girls. I'm sure she was in her element.

THAT is the sum total of my info. The Queen is hoping to get a signal so she can blog soon. So far that hasn't worked out.

More updates as I receive them...

FORGET I asked about kissing on the first date. That is obviously not ever going to be a problem for me since I will never go on another date.

It was horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad (Remember that book? The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day?)

Well, this was the terrible horrible no good very bad date.

He was...Pruney. Like he had been in water too long. Maybe he's just been alive too long, not that I wish him ill or anything.

No spark, chemistry or much of anything else. He talked two solid hours about HIMSELF. That was fine, I didn't want to give him any info about Beachy Mimi.

I was praying he would go, and "poof", he suddenly remembered a birthday party he needed to attend. YAY!!


Please understand that I do not in any way think I am hot stuff. No way. Not even close.

I know there is a bald guy out there somewhere that is not water-logged, a Christian and wants to meet a 50 something woman that loves the Lord and wants to have fun and share life with him.

However, since I'm not going to go on another date...I guess he will just have to find me. Keep up the prayers!


fortyb4forty said...

Sorry it was a bummer of a date. I know that book...was your date's name Alexander?
Thanks for the update on the Queen and family.

The (Almost) Amazing Mammarino said...

Thanks for the update!

So sorry your date didn't go well with Pruney. His loss!!!

After a month, I have finally updated my blog. I'm going to do my best to get back to doing it regularly. I've really missed it! This post is very long, but it has lots of pics. It's about my beautiful kitty who just died.

Thanks for stopping by - you are ever faithful!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

So glad to hear the update...I know if I went over there I'd be tempted to bring a whole passel of kids back with me. Breaks my heart, too.

Oh, there IS a nice bald guy out there...I know it. And there is not reason why he cannot find you, so we'll just pray!

RR Mama said...

So glad they are OK! I have been thinking about the them often. I hate your date turned out to be a bummer. But now that you have given up is when God will put someone in your path. It always worked out that way for me. I hope he's bald! =)

Headless Mom said...

Thanks for the update.

No offense, but your date sounded awful! I guess you didn't have to worry about kissing after all! ;-)

BTW-did you pass the book along?

Capri K said...

Thanks for the Palace update, glad things are going well for them!

Sorry about Pruney. Mr. Bald should arrive any minute. Isn't that how it works? They show up right when you decide you are done with the dating?
That's how it is in the movies!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Sad to hear that Mr. Pruney didn't work out. On the up side, at least your water bills won't exponentially rise.

As for the Queen, thanks for the update. I can't wait to read her posts.

cndymkr / jean said...

You manage to make even a terrible date sound funny.

Tammy said...

Aww, shucks, Mimi. I was hoping to get a more positive date report.
But you just have to say no to the prune man...I mean prunes have their place in life...but not on a date.

Glad to hear that palace is surviving and I can't wait to hear more updates.