Communication Is Not His First Language

***UPDATE*** Date was AWFUL. The shortest and most boring date in the history of dating. Back to square one.

Here's the deal.

I'm trying to post regularly and keep the Peeps informed of the Palace and their escapades.

They are supposed to e-mail me and then I am to blog about everything they are doing.

Not so much.

Apparently,the Palace spokesman is the King and he speaka not so much.

King to Mimi: "Keeping it simple. Everything is fine."


I need to know everything from food to the compound to the kids to the toilets and showers.

Peeps, I need information!!!

This is totally a direct retaliation for not telling them I had a date.

That is so NOT fair.

So, Peeps, EVERYTHING IS FINE according to the King and we ALL KNOW he is not even touching the surface of the scoop the Queen and Princess want to tell us.

I just know the Queen and she is dying to tell us how the demo on the "Poo-Pouri" for the bathroom went, how they slept last night, and all the new stuff they are seeing and learning.

So King? How about coughing up the computer for a bit so we can get the true picture?

As to the date, he will be here is 1 1/2 hours. I've been getting all doodied up so I will look like I'm "natural" hahahahahaha.

I told him I would stand on my front porch and if he didn't like the way I looked he could just keep on driving.

I hate dating. He does, too. Maybe that's the thing we will have in common.

Reports later.

Can you kiss on the first date? If so, how much?



Tammy said...

Oh no...I am going to have to demand the Queen represent on the phone. We need details, I tell ya', and no man can give us details!

Hmmmm, I'm gonna go with a nice kiss on the cheek for the first date. Because I am old fashioned like that. :-)

Kristen@nosmallthing said...

I have no idea about the dating stuff...I have been with the same man since I was 16. He didn't kiss me on the first date, he gave me a slap on the knee. I guess it worked pretty well. :)

You tell that King that the rest of the world is over here wondering what the heck is going on over there. We must have info.

Good luck tonight!

Loving Our Homeschool said...

We have good friends who go to Guatemala quite often, usually 2-3 times a year, for mission work. They try to do email/blog updates from coffee shops and such (when they're not in the villages), but the internet connection is sketchy at best. Plus they are usually quite busy and tired when not busy and thus don't have a lot of time/energy to type that much.

Just thought I'd share that in case it really isn't the King's fault that the info was so little. :o)

Sorry about the date.

ByTheSea said...

LOL LOL LOL ... what a crack up about your date. Hang in there it will happen... my sister just met someone wonderful.

Oh you need to tell the King to get off the computer.. we want to know what is going on. yikes.

Theresa said...

I feel your pain about dating and at our age, it is worse than ever. I loved eharmony. I met men who had personalities that fit with mine and by the time we actually met in person we had a foundational friendship, knew a good amount about each other and our lives and felt more comfortable meeting in person than on a blind date. Reading, He's just not that into you was a big help to me since I had been out of practice for a long time and didn't understand dating.

Joan said...

Kissing on the first date...
not too much.

Leaving them wanting more.


cndymkr / jean said...

The King needs to leave the updates to the Queen and the Princess.

NO kissing on the first date. None at all. Didn't your mother ever say - "Why would he buy the cow when he can the milk for free"? Lord knows I heard it alot. So if I couldn't kiss, neither can you. BUT if you do, I want to hear all about it!!