The Queen Has Landed!!!

I am very pleased to announce that all residents of the Palace landed safely in Guat-mo.

Some or one of them may or may not have been heavily medicated upon arrival.

I know they are going to have wonderful stories to tell about all the blessings they receive.

I waited until Queen B was out of the country to tell her I have a date tomorrow. Heh Heh.

She will want to kill me. Heh Heh Heh. She always makes me call her before and after EVERY date. Sorry B! Can't do much from Guat-mo!!

Update you later, Peeps!


Kristen@nosmallthing said...

Good luck on your date!

Oh, and the spring break stuff...sounds very entertaining. Keep it coming.

Angie said...

So glad they have safely landed!

Good luck on your date!

Jenny said...

That is too funny!

I'm glad they got there safely!

cndymkr / jean said...

I'm glad they landed safely.

Have a great time on your date. If you feel the need to call someone, I'm available.

ByTheSea said...

Yea... I am so happy for her.

Come on post about your date we wont tell. *grin*

Tammy said...

So glad the Palace made it and yipee for your date!

I can't wait to "hear" about it.

PeepOne said...

PeepOne here. Glad The Palace
family had a safe flight.
Excited about your date!
Need details please.

Dawn said...

Glad the Queen and her entourage have arrived safely.

Drats... I'm not going to have access to the computer for the next 48 hours. Figures you'd have a date this weekend. I hate it when I miss the good stuff.

Hope you have a great time!


a Tonggu Momma said...

It's gonna be the trip of a lifetime! And you are too naughty, telling her about your date NOW! As if she doesn't have enough to worry about? Shame, shame. (But funny, too. Hee hee.)

Capri K said...

Glad The Queen and her entourage landed safe and sound!

Oh, you are bad! Have fun, and be good!