First It Was A Tooth...Then...

My contact. Right into thin air.

I took out the older pair and tossed them (it was time) and put in the spare pair since I only have a few days left. Never made it to my eye.

So, I'm blind, toothless and not tanned.

We have a new batch of spring breaker people this week. Like thousands more. My entertainment has been to watch the beach guy running them away from his precious beach chairs.

Tomorrow is the infamous day for the Pub Crawl. I think they call it something else here. Not that I would know about that or anything.

I have a real desire to go to the Irish Pub and donate my bra to the collection on the bar.


Shocking, isn't it!

Not half as shocking as PU saying jackass at the dinner table.

That was a new one!

In her defense, she was trying to describe one of the guys on Dancing With the Stars.

I think we got it!!

You all don't forget your green!!


tam said...

Can this BM therapy get any better? Your beach situation sounds like so much fun to me. Look at all of the bloggy material you will have for a while. So just squint, keep your mouth closed, use plenty of sunscreen...just sit on the deck and take great notes.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Beannacht Lá Fhéile Pádraig!!! (And hopefully the husband did not lie to me and have me say something completely inappropriate. Because I totally intended this to be a happy Saint Paddy's Day greeting.)

Tammy said...

*snort* I have a vision in my head here....and the PU comment is killing me.

Dawn said...

Beachy gone wild... spring break edition! *snort*

Jenny @ Irish by Marriage said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'd say the Pub crawl would be one remembers what happens on St. Patrick's Day night! (Not if it is a good one anyway!)

Joan said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Be good.

Theresa said...

Top of the morning to you! Don't bother getting a tan. I'm dealing with skin cancer and getting tans in the past was not even close to worth all the cutting, stitches, healing, re-cutting, radiation.....gross and disgusting...oh and the lovely scars all over my body.

RR Mama said...

Beach Spring Break Edition has been priceless. I hope you get your vision back soon. But just think you don't have to worry about seeing all of those tanned skinny girls! And PU's comment..I think I would have fallen out of chair.

Fuschia said...

You're in Florida...I'm in Florida...I'm just sayin'.

Oh, and I've missed you!