Not in that order of course.

I very DISTINCTLY remember days of agonizing labor to give birth to this precious little 6 lb 5 1/2 oz black headed little girl.

I did not get to see, touch or hold her for four days.

After almost 40 years ( heh heh), I still get teary when I think of those days.

The Queen B was a preemie. Back in the dark ages.

There were no ambulances, just panel trucks. And, those came from another town 16 miles away.

After birth, the nurses whisk her away and before I even got to peek, she was on her way to a larger hospital.

The doctor that delivered her rode in the ambulance with her or she wouldn't have made it.

The pediatrician met them in the PARKING LOT with his team and they kept her breathing until they could get inside.

Every thing that could go wrong...did.

Long story short... God's intervention saved my baby, to be The Queen B she is today.

Best friend, confidant, funny funny person. She is my sunshine.

So, tell her Happy Birthday on the 10th and remind her she's pushing 40!!


I crack myself up.


Michelle @ Sew-Krafty said...

So you could be MY mother?! Not possible. :)

Happy birthday indeed. Isn't God amazing?

linda said...

God is so good! You said she is your sunshine - my cell phone ring for my daughter is "You are My Sunshine".

Queen B said...

If I'm pushing 40, you're pushing 60. Just sayin'.
Love you :)

PeepOne said...

PeepOne here....I am not sayin whos pushing what!!!! I thank God for you and the Queen every. day.