Bad Hair Day aka She Wore A Hat

It has been sooooo cold here for the past few days.

I have snuggled in a heated blankie, in front of the fire with my ipad.

I may or may not have gotten any work done.

Just being truthful.

Mr. Wonderful decided I needed to get out in the sunshine, even though it was -00 degrees. (I might be exaggerating)

I dressed in warm boots, my long coat and a...hat.

I love hats. There are some really cute ones out and about, but I have had mine for quite a while.

So, out I go in my little hat. I was so warm.

If you wear short, spiky hair like moi, a hat is a day long commitment.


After our day trip, Mr. Semi-Wonderful and I met friends for dinner.

I was really pumped. We haven't eaten out since before Thanksgiving.

For some reason...I still don't know...Mr. Semi-W. decides to remove my hat in the restaurant.


The hat is a commitment. DAY LONG.

The hair.

My friends looked stunned.

I was paralized in terror.

Mr. Semi-W. was...laughing!

He popped it back on my head but the damage...the damage to HIM is/was almost irreparable. (I so hope that is spelled correctly, I don't have spell check on here that I can find.)

Mr. Less-Than-Semi Wonderful decided to take a road trip to get a truck.

I think that is best.

He's got a lot of damage control.

(He's so great I'm really not upset. But, hey! It might be worth a little gift to get back in my good graces. Heh Heh)

My bad.


Michelle @ Sew-Krafty said...

"Day long committment..DAY LONG!" - Agreed!!

Queen B said...

Mother. Fix your hair when you go out of town.

Sheila said...

Where is the pictures? would love to see the hat.
I agree-DAY LONG commitment..
Have a great day

linda said...

I wear short spiky hair too. I'm always afraid to wear a hat because I feel like I look like a chemo patient. said...

I don't think I have worn a hat since I was a little kid. I don't have short spiky hair but I do have naturally curly hair which would be a huge ball of frizz when the hat came off. I'm so jealous of all those hat wearing women out there!!!