Happy New Year Giveaway!!

Happy New Year to all the Peeps!

I hope your holiday was fun, joyful and full of good eating.

We had a marvelous time with all our kiddos and the Parental Unit.

I'll write all about it later.

But for now:

To celebrate the New Year and my 300th post, I'm having a Target Gift Card g


Woo Hoo!

All you have to do: Leave me a way to get in touch with you (PLEASE)

Tell me the FUNNIEST gift you received for Christmas.

I loved everything I was given. The most unusual came from my step-son.

He got all the women a flashlight/taser!!!

Don't mess with the Beachy Mimi family! We are now armed! tee hee

You can also tell me of the wonderful food you ate if you so desire.

So I can live your life vicariously.

Finally, if you made a resolution...good luck! I quit doing that years ago

because I would have broken it my now. I'm just being truthful.

The contest ends Tuesday, Jan. 4, at 6 pm Central. Winners will be

announced soon after.

Good Luck Peeps. Winners will be chosen my Mr. Random.


Valerie said...

We just finally finished Christmas yesterday - it was really strung out this year! I didn't get anything particularly funny, but my husband was supposed to be helping my Mom get presents purchased for me, and somehow they miscommunicated. So, I got a CD, a calendar and a cookbook. My sister got the same, but also another hardback book and some Jim Shore carolers. She told me that they always loved her best! It all worked out well, though, as Mom and Dad ended up giving $$ to us towards my Kindle (LOVE IT!) and lighted cover. I sure do love Christmas - especially the time with family. The BEST present was my niece telling us that a baby is on the way. A baby changes EVERYTHING!

Mami2jcn said...

I got strep throat for Christmas...not really funny but memorable!

mami2jcn at gmail dot com

Dawn said...

Santa brought the whole family (grand parents to the grand kids) nerf guns. Great fun! We ate all the wonderful treats that you only make at Christmas. (I wonder why that is? my favorite are the rum balls!) I'm not making any resolutions this year....I just want to continue doing what I have been (I've been really happy so why change anything) I did have one small resolution...it is to remember to write 2011 instead of 2010...I might mess up a few times but by the end of the year I'll have it mastered. Looking forward to more wonderful living! Thanks for being so giving Beachy Mimi...some day I want to be like you!

robin howell said...

My funniest gift was an IHOP gift card - not my idea of a great place to dine. My gift from myself was a Kindle - love love love it! The best dessert was pecan pie with maple cream sauce (from thepioneerwoman.com). robin at 5staroutfitters dot com

Amy@theredheaddiaries.blogspot.com said...

I can't think of a funny gift that I got I buy all of my own gifts, wrap them and tell the kids that is what moms have to do because usually dads aren't very good shoppers :) They cannot figure out why someone would ever want socks for Christmas. I did get the Scrabble Flash game and that has been pretty fun so far. The best dessert was the bread pudding with vanilla sauce I made for our Christmas morning breakfast. I think it might be my favorite dessert ever!!


suburban prep said...

Not so much funny but different was a body soap that smells like the candy corn that is out at Halloween.
I love the stuff so now I can smell like it all the time.
msgb245 at gmail dot com

Lori said...

Toe socks with santa on each toe big santa's on each toe at that

fortyb4forty said...

I got a combo gift from my hubby-A chia Obama and a copy of President Bush's book Decision Points. The chia Obama has already been returned.

Christy said...

Oh I love the new look! I did not receive any funny gifts really, but I did get a chocolate snowman, and since snowmen are round and fat, it was quite funny watching me try to eat it, because I am most certainly going to eat it, after all it is chocolate. The best food I ate over the holidays was cheesecake. I looove cheesecake and never get to eat it during the year. And my resolution for 2011 is to read the scriptures daily, which I already broke because I had to go to a funeral service yesterday and that is my excuse. Hope you have a wonderful new year Beachy Mimi!

Wade's World said...

No really funny gifts this year that I can recall, except for my hubbie getting a black eye when he was putting the Christmas gifts back up in the attic. It turns out that if you have a run in with the attic stairs, the stairs will win every time!

Does that count?

auflag (at) yahoo (dot) com

jessicaf said...

Well, I personally didn't get any funny gifts, but it turns out I gave some! :) My sister's gift from me was a purple belly dancing hip-scarf with little metal coins....she got a big hoot out of that one! And the two Starbucks coffee mugs (the ones with the grey fleece sleeves and a red button instead of handles) cracked my mom up so bad she couldn't stop laughing for 5 minutes when she figured them out (she thought they were tiny flowepots...sheesh)..she was tickled the most over the red buttons....she isn't going to live this down, cause we caught her as she said, "they have little red butt....ons." And we rolled with laughter. she kept on trying to find better ways to describe them as the week went on....it got worse. :) Who woulda thunk that coffee mugs would have been a funny gift? they were just meant to complement the french press I got my dad!!!!
Oh, and for food....if you wanna gain ten pounds and enjoy every second of it, put a meal together from The Pioneer Woman...we had coq au vin, asparagus, mashed taters, rosemary rolls, and key lime pie...it was heavenly....and I need to go shopping.

jessicaf said...

oops. i thought i had included this.
iccajer148 at gmail dot com

Dee said...

The funniest gift I received for Christmas? A vaccuum. I think it was more funny to my parents and siblings than it was to me but it is funny if you knew how disorganized I was. The other funniest gift I ever received for Christmas was a Hello Kitty toaster (that left an imprint of Hello Kitty's face on my toast) when I was 18. It was so random. I think my friend regifted it to me but I still thanked her lol :)

deeg131 at gmail dot com

Deanna G. said...

I got a shower cap with flowers on it. It looks pretty silly :)

(email in profile)

Beckie said...

Well lets see. I got a pink pocket knife (it supports Breast Cancer research :) ) from my husband. It wasn't "funny" but it still made me laugh. But my funnest gift of all was buying both Just Dance and Just Dance 2 for the Wii with some CHristmas money I was given. Living in a household with only males, Mama needs some girly things and dance video games are super fun.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh gosh, I don't really get funny gifts...I got a shirt that says Bazinga! on it this year, which makes me laugh. It's from the show The Big Bang Theory

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

Timber said...

I got this strange little gadget with a handle and and a weird scalloped metal end with little holes in it - couldn't IMAGINE what it was...when I told the woman who gave it to me, she let out a whoop of laughter and told me it was something I had said I needed - still had NO idea!

Turns out it's a LEMON ZESTER. We had a good laugh over it!

Momma Jones said...

I got a camo shirt that says, "Shopping with your husband, is like hunting with the game warden"! I love it! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity and Have a Happy New Year!

Mary B said...

My funniest gift (which wasn't really funny) was some beautiful scarves from my MIL. A week earlier we were at a party where in the Chinese Auction I really wanted to end up with the scarves. And then it seemed, everyone at the same party got beautiful scarves but me. So I went home empty handed :( Only to receive the scarves I lost for Christmas! (Not sure if this story made sense!) Hope you had a fabulous Christmas!

michellenotdawn said...

I got a rice cooker. Because I am completely incapable of cooking rice. Really, I am! ; )

michelle (dot) rutherford (at) gmail (dot) com

Stacy said...

I got a new camera so I can try to keep my resolution to take more pics of my boys before they grow up and move away. :)

Dawn said...

My strangest gift? A nose hair trimmer at a white elephant exchange. I'd be offended except that there was no way the purchaser could have known that I would be the recipient. Other than that, I received many nice gifts including the laptop I'm using right now!

New Year Blessings!

Other Mother said...

Funniest gift was pictures of my grandchildren. 3 frames, 2 children - so I checked to see if the 3rd frame was a baby-on-the-way announcement (it's been done before). It wasn't - it was a pic of the two girls together, so the joke was on me! I did get matching frames one for each grandchild, including some spares, though!

Julie said...

Happy New Year! Let's see...funniest gift...I got a toothbrush and washcloth in my stocking. Yes, I'm 31 and still got a stocking. : )

We ate all the delicious, non-healthy Christmas food...homemade caramels, Christmas cookies, fudge, snack mixes, almond bark pretzels, etc.

My New Year's resolution is to eat healthier. Specifically, eat less calories in a day. And exercise 3 or more times a week. I'm not good about keeping my resolutions, though.

3cookieday at gmail dot com

Meg said...

This was such a wonderful Christmas for us, we were able to buy our kids just what they wanted (not much in truth) and I got to see all my family. Since last year my hubby got me mismatched wrong sized pj's, I bought my own pj's this year! My favorite treat was and still is eggnog. Especially when you dip gingerbread men into it. YUMMY!

Lacey said...

Well, I must say this is the first year that I have gotten two birthday gifts under the "trees." :D (my bday btw is Oct 7) We also got, 3 out of the 6 of us, a stomach bug....
So thankful for a new year:)
Food we had everything from traditional, to mexican, to old fashion, to soup! It was all delicious and I am thankful we didn't have turkey 59 times!!
The most memorable moment of Christmas this year....I put Brax up to scaring the great aunt with a fake mouse and she passed out flat in the kitchen floor. I am not sure which was better her passing out (you have to know her) or the fact that it took Brax a week to get over.....he was mortified:))

Penny said...

Well it is toss between the Indian sorta looks like Jesus robe or the glass pig with wings. The pig came with a poem.

This little pig did wing his way,
Into your life to save the day!
I hope this pig you will enjoy,
This precious gift is not a toy!
When those who ask favors become a pest,
Just point to the pig and get some rest!

I think the point was that those favors are going to happen when pigs fly!

Food, I baked way too much but I started doing that years ago and my kids expect it. If I leave one off they remind me I didn't make "xyz"...I guess I could be a horrible cook and they could be reminding me not to cook!

The best part was spending it with my kids and friends.

Penny said...

You did say to leave a way for you to contact us and I had a teenage moment and left that part off!

Hopeful said...

I didn't really get a funny gift. My hubs surprised me with a netbook and that was a fabulous gift!

Fuschia said...

The funniest gift was a mini-rotary cutter...it was an inside joke, so probably not funny here. ;)

I made my famous peppermint bark and toffee...my FAVEs!!!

And finally, my resolution for this year is to "manifest more of my authentic self in every area of my life" (IE my business, home, body, attitude, et.). Pretty excited about the possiblities that holds!

Asher's gma said...

I received two pairs of house shoes, one pair from my husband the other from my daughter. Appearently both know about my cold feet and both don't know what size I wear. : ) bkokc00 at gmail.com

Michelle said...

I didn't get anything funny that I can think of. The one that made me laugh with glee though is a tshirt from a co-worker. I am a rather obnoxiously proud first time grandmother and everyone at the office has met my Sophie and seen a million pictures of her. SO my tshirt was black with hot pink embroidery.

The message said:
"And God said: Let there be

You better believe I wear it with pride!!