Good Grief

Hmmm. What part of NO does Beachy Mimi not understand...?

I hardly ever post on my own blog.

I can't take the public ridicule, though, so here goes.

Beachy Mimi is on the go again.

Big surprise, huh?

She was supposed to call me the minute she arrived at Destination A.

That was Monday.

I didn't hear from her until Wednesday night.

So pretty much I became the worried mom. Fairly certain she was in a ditch somewhere.

It wasn't just the not calling. I was tracking her flight on my phone. It said, "we cannot confirm that this plane landed".


But she was fine.

Just stuck in the only touristy place on the map that has zero communication with the outside world.

(Are you buying that? Me either.)

Destination B seems to be technologically savvy.

They have newfangled devices called telephones.


Destination B is in the path of a cyclone.

Beachy Mimi definitely keeps life interesting....

Her Loving (& Guilt Free!) Daughter,
Queen B


Anonymous said...

PeepOne here...Bahahahaha B you absolutely crack me up, good grief!!!!!!!

Beachy Mimi said...

Hey, Peeps. It worked. I am in the path of a cyclone and so excited. Queen B is actually jealous.

The phone calls from here are $3 a minute.

Michelle @ Sew-Krafty said...

Thecnologically savvy, newfangled devices...yes, but do they have storm cellars?

Thanks for stepping in B; and without any guilt at all! ;-)

RR Mama said...

Oh B that mom of yours really does keep you on your toes! =)