OOPS!! SHE DID IT AGAIN (Cut the hair herself)

Well, Peeps. I cut my own hair.


I know. Crazy.

I just can't get anyone to do what I want. I take pictures. I gesture.

I beg for the scissors to do it myself.

It just ain't happn'. Sorry Queen B. It just isn't happening.

I've always been a frustrated hair style person in secret. Not that I have any skillz in that area.

After I was single again, I even looked into enrolling in a styling school to get a certificate so I could learn the basics and maybe work a little bit.

Here in Chaos, AR., you can't get a cutting license unless you get get the manicurist license also. The manicurist can get a manicurist license without the hair. Go figure.

I just couldn't make myself do the nail and feet thing. In school, you don't get a choice. You do what comes up in your rotation.

That little dream just flittered away.

So, back to my own hair. I cut the top spiky and chunked up a little of the rest.

It has a few gaps (possibly) but with a messy hairstyle you can hide a lot of errors.

The bottom line...I like it. When I go back to my regular guy, he is going to flip. heh heh

If he messes with me, I'll just cut it again.

I am so rebellious. hahahahah

Getting ready for the big snow tommorrow!!

We might get an inch.

For my town, that's an EVENT!

Do you Peeps ever cut your own hair?


Paula said...

My daughter has been cutting her own bangs since Kindergarten. (She's 26 now). She's gotten only slightly better at it over the years. ;-)

Michelle @ Sew-Krafty said...

How dare you write this post with no pics!!?

Lacey said...

I wish I could cut my own hair. I get so nervous and sick to my stomach when I go to the salon. I can't get the junior high bad haircuts out of my mind....
I mean with thick curly hair, trust me a bad haircut is detrimental!! I finally have found a girl I am fairly confident of, but she KEEPS moving salons! Thank goodness the last place actually gave me her cell #! So Friday is haircut day unless there is too much snow:/

Linda said...

I always do a little cutting after I get a haircut. If I could take my hair off my head, I think I could cut the back too!

Queen B said...

I will never ever ever cut my own hair. Ever.
The end.

cndymkr / jean said...

Every month I stand in front of the mirror and it is getting harder to keep the sharp instruments away from me. And it never works out. The woman just takes one look at me and sighs. I swear she charges me more just to clean up my mess.

PeepOne said...

PeepOne here...ok I am really thinking wow...It has never crossed my mind to cut my own hair.Did our friend the beauty school dropout give you any tips? She will be so proud.. That is what I call taking charge my friend!

Amy@theredheaddiaries.blogspot.com said...

I have only cut my hair one time and that was in high school. I have curly hair and there was one curl that wanted to go it's own way and made my ponytail look crazy. I decided since I couldn't get it to do what I wanted I would cut it. My hair looked great until I took the ponytail out that night and you could see the big chunk of hair that was missing!!!