Holiday Today

I still have not located my camera.

I did find one I lost on a previous occasion.

I have not found my keys.

I cleaned out the refrigerator just to be sure. Not there.

I also have a list. All the things I planned to get accomplished TODAY.

Well, I can't do those things because the bank and the post office...closed for the MLKJ holiday.

So...I have decided it is a holiday for me, too.

I am going to ponder my list and redo my plans for later this week.

Today? Well today I am going to spend quality time with my ipad.

Wishing you all the best of the day.


Michelle @ Sew-Krafty said...

Nothing like some quality ipad time...not that I would know. LOL

Hope you enjoyed your day! Ours was filled with street flooding...some serious rain today = pretty lazy around here.

Queen B said...

I am not understanding when the banks take the day off and when they do not. There are some holidays that they seem to ignore, and some that they honor. Is there a rule?

Paula said...

I had the day off work, so I did the dreaded WalMart thing. I hate going there so I always spend way too much in an effort to not to have to go back any time soon. I stock up on lots of frozen and non-perishable groceries. And hair color! ;-)

And just for the record, back (about 30 years ago) when I worked for the bank we only got like five holidays for the whole year. My how times have changed.