I apologize for sounding whiney in the last post. I'm really not depressed!!
In trying to come up with a topic for today, I decided to list a bunch of Beachy Mimi favorites, in no particular order. Like you care. Anyway, here goes:

Favorite movie: The Shawshank Redemption
Favorite ice cream: Blue Bell Cookies and Cream
Favorite drink: Coca Cola Classic
Favorite veggie: potatoes
Favorite fruit: bananas
Favorite color: pink
I drive: PT Cruiser
Favorite book in the Bible: James
Favorite author: Christian Fiction-Karen Kingsbury ; Mystery/Fiction-Vince Flynn
Favorite actor/actress: none
Favorite TV channel: National Geographic
Favorite News channel: FOX
Hobby: sleep, reading, travel
Pet: Harry, the cat
Collection: pigs
Favorite article of clothing: jeans, flip flops, shorts, tee-shirts
Want to travel to...Alaska, next (again) & always ready for the beach
Issues: obsessive/compulsive
Temperment: melancholy/phlegmatic
Enjoy the most: spending time with my daughter and grand-daughter
Wish I was: tall and tan
Glad I'm not: mean and nasty
Favorite color lipstick: anything but orange
Favorite makeup: not sure, still trying mineral makeup
Best beauty advice: sunscreen
Personality: quiet (believe it or not)
Best trait: ? maybe sense of humor
Favorite activity: laughing
Occupation: Beachy Mimi
Favorite bedtime preparation activity: hot bubble bath
Like bling: yes
Favorite stores: Target, Nordstrom
Dislike: Wal-Mart, actions of mean-spirited people, road and cell phone abusers
Favorite job ever: teaching first grade
Worst job ever: checker
When I grow up: I want to be a meterologist
Favorite city: Dallas
Would like to: speak another language
Fingernails/toenails: painted
Best hair product: Aquage molding paste
Current hair color: ha ha ha blonde
Demographic: AARP
Favorite room in the house: bedroom
Have too many: shoes, books
Currently learning: computer stuff
Last book read: Imposter by Davis Bunn
Favorite Broadway musical: Chicago
Tendency to be: boring, maybe?
Irritants: fussy people
Greatest accomplishment: motherhood
Favorite lotion: Gold Bond
Favorite scent: honeysuckle
Favorite flower: gerber daisy (pink)
Favorite season: Fall
This is so lame!! If anyone else is lacking is subject matter feel free to copy. I'll try to do better tomorrow.
Hope you have a good evening, Peeps!


Pattik said...

Peepone here.
Goldbond lotion?????? eww.

Nicole said...

That is impressive that you created your own meme. I think every one of my ideas would have to do with food. (I'm very well-balanced like that.)

And I would do just about ANYTHING for some Blue Bell ice cream right about now.

Likes bling: yes.

love it!

Fuschia said...

Not lame...informative. When I grow up I want to be asleep.

Jen said...

Hey Mimi, remember how you can't sleep anymore?

(heh heh heh, like you forgot!)

Try this: Black Cohosh. Get it at the health food store. Try 2 in the morning and 2 at night (it's capsules). It has really helped -- although not entirely alleviated (but mine could be caused by medication) the sleeping problems.

Hope this helps. You are precious.

Jeni said...

Hey! I love honeysuckle, too! The highlight of 2005 was seeing that Bath & Body Works was making Honeysuckle products again - I totally stocked up, because they're good at stopping production on my favorite items.

Fuschia said...

Jen, I've used Black Cohash to induce labor...LOL

Queen B said...

Good meme, Mimi.

And...I'm with PeepOne...Goldbond?

Heather said...

We have a LOT in common Mimi...and I also have a Mimi!

popmimi said...

Boring??? Not a chance!!!!!

Mari said...

Occupation: Beachy Mimi

I **LOVE** that. And I also love potatoes. Fianlly, I want to know what is wrong with Gold Bond Lotion??!!!

BTW, thanks for the comment on my blog. I really appreciate you stopping by.

Heather said...

You were a teacher? No wonder I like you. :)