More Answers and Other Nonsense

Peeps, I will attempt to answer somemore of your probing questions.

Next BIG ADVENTURE? Beachy Mimi has no plans at the present time. Must save some coin. Between taxes due, Christmas coming and the Palooza Birthday for the Princess I must plan and save. I would love to go back to Alaska, Hawaii, NYC, ANYWHERE. I want to see everything. Which answers another question, "Where in the world would you like to go?"

Starting with the USA, I would love to travel and see all. My greatest desire would be to do it in a REALLY NICE SOUPED UP RV, taking my time and stopping whenever. After the USA, maybe Canada, London, Italy, Australia, or anything with a beautiful beach.

I do not own a home or condo at the beach. All my adult life I have been told, "No, you don't like the beach. Really. You don't. Remember?" Well, Mimi found out that she LOVED the beach and the beachy, relaxed environment. LOVED IT. So, Mimi became Beachy Mimi, and Beachy Mimi is at the beach in her mind ALL THE TIME.

"What do I do for myself everyday?" Oh, Peeps. Beachy Mimi is a selfish creature. VERY.

My time with God is the best thing I do for myself. Next to that it would have to be pampering.

Pampering the skin, to include hair, nails, toes, feet, and all over skin. Someday I hope to add lots of exercise to the list...

"Favorite beauty product?" That's tough. I love Obaji skincare, but basically cleansing, exfoliating, moisturinzing and treatment (wrinkles, Peeps). Must do all that everyday to keep the Birthday Fairy kind to you, so you won't look like she beat the crap out of you with her wand.

It is an ongoing battle.

"Most embarassing moment?" Do you mean today? There are so many...I try to keep them blocked from my mind or I would spend all my time sucking my thumb under the bed.

"Regrets in life?" I think it would be the people I have hurt throughout my life. I have learned so much from all my goofups and I don't think I would trade those lessons for a redo. They have just all been the pattern of my life that the Lord has set before me, and the lessons HE has taught me (some much harder than others). Regrets are really pointless to me because I can't, do them over, but I can do better next time.

"Something I'm proud of?" Motherhood is numero uno but I am also thankful that I finished college. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Elementary Education, and won an award from another state for teaching. Who cares? I know. But someone asked.

"Funny parenting moment?" Well, I have always shopped with an alias, that is, instead of Beachy Mimi I might be DESERT DONNA or MOUNTAIN MYRTLE. That's just in case I do or say something so stupid I would never want it attributed to me, Beachy Mimi. The Parental Unit and I have done this as a private joke for YEARS. We don't talk about it, we just do it between ourselves as a little humor.

When my Queen B was 2, we were in the mall. Beachy Mimi had her all "pinked-out" with a little bonnet, dress, sandals, painted nails (I kid)and she looked like a beautiful doll with black hair and dark brown eyes. People were always coming up to look and speak to her and on one of the occasions someone said, "What is your name, little girl?" Remember, she is 2. She looks the questioner right in the eye and says "AMY".

Her name is Queen B, not Queen A , as in Amy. The Parental Unit and I fell out laughing because she apparently decided to have an alias herself. So, on that particular day, she was "Amy" the whole day.

While I'm on the topic of Queen B, she has been choosing her wardrobe since she could point,
SERIOUSLY. She proudly wore some pretty strange get-ups. Most all the breakages, mess-ups and naughty behavior was perpetrated by "Kelly", the invisible girl that lived across the street??? That Kelly. She really got around and caused lots of mischief for the Queen.

When the Princess came up with the invisible friend, "Pootie", I laughed my head off at the Queen's consternation. Payback is SO GREAT.

Hey, that may be the best part of parenting. Seeing your own children get payback from their children....I'll mull on that and get back to you later, Peeps!

Answers to the teaching question will be a post for another day.


Queen B said...

Kelly says that Pootie needs to stay in the closet.


kristenkj said...

The two of you crack me up!

Capri K said...

"At the beach in her mind" !!! You is funny!

THE ROOST said...

Love this glimpse into your life:)

Fuschia said...

I'm lovin' the four generations of Mother/daughter lovliness you've got goin' on! It's giving me hope. Seriously! Between the teenaged hormones, and the three year old temper tantrums, not to mention the middle child acting out-ed-ness...oh., Lord...I'm hanging on to the hope of good relationships with then as adults!

Tracey said...

I don't mean to nag....or sound unappreciative, but I'm really excited to get my gift certificate and it hasn't come in yet!