Thanks, Shauna!

A big thanks to Shauna for the new look. I do miss my little Beachy Mimi woman. However, this is bright and playful and suits Beachy Mimi's charming and delightful personality!! (whatever)
I have been reading some really inspirational blogs this week. You, Peeps, are deep thinkers.
Not so much of that going on here. My blog serves a little bit different purpose. I love and admire all of you and your beautiful writing. Just amazing.

I'm topic-challenged again...THE MAN did officially "break-up" with Beachy Mimi--through an e-mail. Do I know how to pick a class act or what!?!

So, MOVING ON, the search for the sugar daddy will continue.

This is going to be embarrassing. Very embarrassing.

If ya'll have a question for Beachy Mimi, just leave it in the comments and I'll answer it. That's not the embarrassing part. The fact that I will probably get ZERO questions will embarrass me to pieces. Not really. I'll just make up some stuff and blog about it. Heh Heh

Unfortunately, Beachy Mimi does not embarrass easily, she just laughs at herself and moves on.

So, Peeps, if you have a desire to know anything about the life of Beachy--have at it.

I might even tell you some stuff on Queen B. Heh Heh Heh Heh


Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

Well, I'm boring (I know!), but I'd like to hear about your teaching career. I truly believe With.All.My.Heart that a good first grade teacher is soooooo special (and I feel the same about middle school do they do it?).

I just think it is something else for a first grade teacher to take 20ish little ones and have them reading, selecting main idea, etc. in just a few brief months. (Of course, a LOT of that is now shifted to the Kindergarten teachers.)

And pffft! to The Man...obviously, he is NOT the man!

LOVE your blog.

The Fritz Facts said...

I love question time!!

What is something in your life that you are proud of? Ashamed?

Love the new look! The colors are wonderful!

Angela said...

Wow, I love the new look. I mean the other one was fine but totally not what I'd expected of the Queen mother. This is a much more "modern" look.

franticallysimple said...

I'm in the love your new look camp. And an email break-up? Classy.
I'm 32. What do you wish you knew at 32? What do you wish you knew now?

Anonymous said...

Beachy Mimi,
I love to read your blog. You remind me of my mom ( who was also a teacher.) I would like to ask several questions. The one about what would you tell yourself at 32 (or 33) is a good one.
*What do you love about being a woman?
*We know Queen B likes to cook - do you?
*What are your best decorating suggestions (we have seen your beautiful home)?
Kristen in TN

chickadee said...

oh an email breakup. that's like something out of a sitcom.

love the new look!

i'm sorry that i have no question. it's late and i've been doing vbs all week!

THE ROOST said...

LOVE the new look! It is so bright and cheerful :) When is your next fun adventure and where will it be?

Drama Mama said...

I love the cute beach chair at the top-
Why do you go to the beach so much? I didn't think you lived there- or maybe you do- Do you just have a vacation condo or house there?

Queen B said...

Love the new look! It fits you.

Can't wait to read all of the questions. I especially like the one wondering whether or not you cook...

My question: What is your all-time favorite meal?

(Forget the loser man. There are way better options out there.)

Alicia said...

Oh, this is going to be fun. Let's see:

*What is your come to Jesus moment?
*If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Tracey said...

I like the new look. Love is out there for all...I found mine online.

Misslisslee said...

Love the new look - it seems to be very 'you'!

Maria said...

Love the new digs!! Whatever about the guy. An email? NICE. So not deserving of our Queen Mother! :)

As for questions...what is the ONE beauty product that you could not/would not live without? And how about your MOST embarassing moment EVER?

Fuschia said...

I am coveting your new design!
It was fun "chatting" with you yesterday ;)
Question: What's a "good for you" thing you do everyday?

Tammy said...

Wow, Mimi, I am LOVING the new look. Perhaps I should have my site professionally done.

I think God has a plan for you Mimi, and you just might get your socks knocked off.

linda said...

My question is what has Queen B done to make you the maddest at her?

cndymkr / jean said...

I don't have any questions, sorry. I do love the new look. Very good job.

Rebeckah said...

If you were picking, what Happy Ever After ending would you give yourself?

The (Almost) Amazing Mammarino said...

Love your new look!

Heather said...

I love your new look! So fresh and clean!

My question? How 'bout a list..10 things in your purse right now.

That guy wasn't good enough for you.

Lisa @ Take90West said...

An email breakup? What a jerk!! Or as my kids would say, 'What Ever Major Loser.' complete with the hand motions.

I would love to know about your bachelorette pad! We've seen a few pics and it looks amazing, do you have a decorator? Are you a decorator? Do you follow a style or just buy things you like? I have accessorizing nothing looks good, so I'd love to know how you pull a room together!

Thanks Mimi!

Wendi said...

Love the new look!
Very chic!
An email breakup?
You. must. be. kidding.

Okay, here is my question.
If you could change one thing about your life what would it be and why?

Soliloquy said...

DARLING! Love it.

Whose toes?

Mari said...

Oh Beachy:

I love the new look! It's fabulous!

I have 2 questions:

What is your favorite childhood memory?

What is your favorite parenting memory?

As far as THE MAN goes I have two comments:

1.He's not a man, he's a mouse
2. Anyway who does not have the guts to break up in person, is not worth Beachy Mimi

'Nuf said!