The Great Pea Search of 2008

Hello, my Peeps!
Thank you so much for your positive feedback on the new "look". Shauna did a fabulous job.

I have no idea who the feet belong to. Maybe Shauna? Not mine.

I also thank you for asking questions. I will be answering them over the next few days.

Beachy Mimi shed tears over THE MAN. Beachy Mimi NEVER cries. Ever. Well, except for commercials and movies. What's up with that? Could it be delayed reaction from the divorce? Rejection issues? Needs more sleep? Hmmm. Strange. Anyway, HE is history.

I have changed my strategy. Instead of looking, I am waiting to be found. Doesn't that sound romantic? It will happen, too. Stay tuned...

So, the other day we have four generational shopping. That is, Parental Unit, Beachy Mimi, Queen B and the Princess. Let me just insert here that the Princess is the greatest shopping buddy ever. We score lots of hits. She is not a selfish shopper, either. She is always wanting to get things for other people in her life...mostly her mom. That's so sweet. When she was about four, I would take her to the Dollar Store to pick out something for her mother. Nine times out of 10 she chose liquid dishwashing soap. After all, that's what her mom used alot !

Anyway, after our day out, the Parental Unit and I were on the way back to Chaos when she declared, "I want some peas to shell."

Alrighty then.

Around Chaos, there are lots of little vegetable stands set up by farmers to sell the goodies they grow. It is like a Farmer's Market on an individual basis. That makes for LOTS of stops, Peeps.

The Parental Unit loves peas almost as much as she loves a roast in the crockpot. She ordered a "pea sheller" from the internet in anticipation of the summer bounty.


Stop after stop. No peas. Pea season OVER. It was LAST WEEK. Who knew?

Parental Unit was devastated not to be able to use the pea sheller. Devastated. The Sibling and I are calling all around Chaos to see if there is a farmer we missed. That might have some peas.


To answer a couple of the questions:
Cooking? I can hear the laughter and snorting of the Queen B all the way to my house. I did cook when she was growing up. When the Queen departed for college, we found we had this new freedom call "eating out" "going to movies, even on a school night" "eating what we wanted". This freedom caused serious cooking issues that are still present to this day. I cook what I want, when I want. I eat lots of fruit. I eat out. I love ham sandwiches. The cooking gene went from Parental Unit straight to the Queen. They are serious. They experiment.
They read cookbooks for entertainment. Not me. Give me the latest spy novel and I'll skip a meal to read THAT.

Another question was about anger at the Queen B. I have never been MAD at her. Frustated, disappointed, hurt, homicidal? Yes to all those. She was a very normal girl growing up to do very normal things. They were just a part of her personality and stage in life. I was a pretty stern disiplinarian, but behind her back I was cracking up. I even found the "sassy" funny (behind her back). Who was this pint- sized, snot- nosed kid attempting to defy with not a chance of succeeding? Too funny. If I had any advice for parents, it would be "lighten up".

Okay, one more. My favorite meal to eat at home is chicken and rice. To eat out it is sea bass. My favorite drink is Coka-Cola and I drink WAY too much.

My greatest achievement? Motherhood hands down. It way eclipses any award, career or anything. I loved it and love it still. God called me to be a mother.

Any advice for those in your 30's? Don't worry. God is in control and don't take yourself so seriously. Lighten up on your kids a little bit, but don't ever take your eyes off them. For a minute.

Beachy Mimi out...will return with more answers. Have a fabulous and fun weekend, Peeps!


Capri K said...

Missed pea season by a week!!! Is that possible? No peas rolling around ANYWHERE?
That is a sad, sad tale.
BTW, I do love your new look. It's happy!

Mari said...

You crack me up!

Because I love your spunky spirit, I have tagged you. Stop by my blog for details on what you need to do. Keep on being Beachy. You are a hoot!


Tracey said...

When I stopped looking and just had fun with dating God found me my baby on the internet. We have been inseperable since 2000, married since 2003. Good luck...can't wait to get my TARGET GIFT CARD IN THE MAIL...VERY EXCITED!

Jen said...

Mimi, Mimi, Mimi, I love love love you! We are two peas in a pod, pun intended. Cooking? Cooking? Done solely out of necessity and under protest.

I love your parenting tips. You shoulda been there for me when I was raising my flock and losing my mind.

Coka-Cola? Make it Coke Zero and we are twins.

And those can't be your toes because they aren't perfectly pedicured. What? No polish on the toes? May it never be!

And now for my question: are there siblings for Queen B, or was she the one and only? (as if she could have been duplicated)

I think I will email her and ask if she'll swap me out her little Princess for one of mine. Maybe Bug, the artist. Think she'll go for it? Bug could use some Queen B in her life.


THE ROOST said...

I love your "new" outlook on dating...... We have tons of peas up here in God's country! :) I may need to borrow your fancy device.

Heather said...

How much of a city kid am I? I don't know anything about shelling peas. I have missed something, I believe.

For a year, (this has been a while ago) I searched and searched for a man. I got frustrated and decided he would find me when the time was right. About two months later, I started dating this guy who later became Big Daddy. :)

He will come for you. It could be he is on the beach right now, having a cold drink, and thinking he will never find the right woman to sit next to him.

Tammy said...

Oh my, I took my little Princess shopping for school clothes today and had flashbacks of my mom doing the same. Except I am positive she was a bit more patient than I wanted to be. But I kept it together and we got SO many good deals.

Next for school supplies.....ALONE!

Heather said...

Isn't it great having 4 generations? We have 5 generations and it is great when we are all able to get together. It isn't often enough, because 3 of us are in the Dallas area and the other 2 are in the Houston area. Enjoyed reading all the answers to your questions.

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

Oh, I hate to hear you shed any tears. :(

But it sounds like you have a great attitude - as always!