THE Man...he has not called.
The Man...he has not called at all.
Beachy Mimi is so sad.
Actually, Beachy Mimi is good and p*ed, err MAD.

The MAN was given every opportunity to adore Beachy Mimi. I mean, what's not to love?

It couldn't be my age. The MAN is 10 years older than me. Besides, age is in your mind. I didn't see too many other Mimi's parasailing with their grandchildren.

Perhaps it was my love for spa activities and pampering. I thought I concealed that from him pretty well.

Could it be my OCD personality? Surely not. I don't think he has conversed with QUEEN B.

The Parental Unit offered to introduce me to "a nice boy from church". It just so happens that the "boy" is 6'6", and 350 pounds. Beachy Mimi could be suffocated. I'm just sayin...

Now I realize from my earlier post that God is just protecting me from something worse on down the line. But Peeps, Beachy Mimi's heart is TENDER, and CRUSHED, and BRUISED, and BLEEDING, and BROKEN, and STOMPED ON. There has been is liquid streaming from my eye cavaties that have nothing to do with allergies. I'm sucking my thumb again. By morning I will be under the bed . Oh the DRAMA!!

Someone out there wants a shy dinner companion to listen to all his golf exploits and trophies he has won. Beachy Mimi is shy and timid hush B, and not overpowering in the least... Beachy Mimi is so docile, and sweet, and kind...hush, B.


Heather said...

The right guy is out there. I just know it.

Fuschia said...

Ooooh, Mimi! **this is me making my pupy-dog-pout face**
I wish I knew a great guy for ya. Of course, it I did, I'd probably have to give my mom first dibs (anybody know what a dib is?).
He must be out there somewhere...'cause God hasn't forgotten about you!!

Drama Mama said...

Mimi- You are better off without HIM- He has no clue what he is missing out on-

Heather said...

Awww...that makes me sad! You'll fina a better one.

kristenkj said...

Hang in there. You'll find him.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Any man who cannot appreciate humor, vivacity, honesty, style and charm is not worth your time. I'm just saying...

Beachy Mimi said...

Hey, Peeps! I'm really not whining. Beachy Mimi is still sassy and NOT REALLY under the bed.
Sucking my thumb...maybe.

tam said...

Oh Miss Beachy, I am so sorry. I wish you lived where I do so we could hang-out and contemplate all of the problems of the world. Then we could do arobics by laughing hysterically at all of the mayhem of out lives. Seriously, dont let anyone steal your joy. Tam

Loving Our Homeschool said...

Hang in there, Beachy Mimi!

Easier said than done, huh?


jennifer said...

You pout WELL! Very very well.

I have an 89 year old grandfather that is the biggest horndog you have ever met. I would offer to fix you up, being that you are so young and he would adore you! For a minute. Then he would cheat on you in a heart beat with a waitress from the local truck stop. Lot Lizzard Lover. That be him.

And he is the only single man that I know.

So I will leave now, since I can be of NO HELP AT ALL.