The Spa Ho's Are Back!

PhotobucketThe Spa Ho's are back and they got a ma-ssage.
Hey Now! Hey Now! The Ho's are back.

They had so much time they got an extra facial.
Hey now, Hey now, the ho's are back.

I could totally justify this little splurge. It was hot. It was sticky. The fireworks were not going to start for several hours. We were wasting We found a spa. A WONDERFUL Spa with fabulous massages and facials. We met a new blogger/lurker friend and were entirely limp when the whole process was over. Too limp to worry about fireworks. We went to bed. It was the greatest 4th ever!!

I must confess. YES, CONFESS. I got a moving violation commonly called a SPEEDING TICKET. I Sssssssssooooooooo had it coming. My speed has been creeping up slowly for the past couple of years. 55 means 57 or 59. 65 means 70. 75 means just take off and go with the flow of the traffic... not anymore.

This Beachy Mimi will follow the letter of the law on speed limits. The officer was very cute and very polite and professional. It's just that you've got no recourse than to say "busted" to
the very attractive law officer when you got caught doing 70ish in a 55.

The very cute attractive law officer doesn't care that the road is flat, you are the only cars on the road for miles, and the only witnesses to this driving drama are fields of corn, cotton and soybeans. Nope. Doesn't mean a thing to him.


I haven't had a ticket since I was 16.

WELL I DO NOW. It will seriously make a dent in my fun money for the rest of the summer.

We are almost perfect driving citizens for the rest of our trip. Amost. Heh Heh. Maybe one or two or seven uies (u turns) SAFELY made to correct our course direction.

More trip info later. A big hearty thanks to PeepOne for doing most of the driving after the ticket incident.

We are tired. But by tomorrow we'll be ready to tell you more about our adventures.

Come on back later!!


Fuschia said...

Glad you're back safe and sound, if a little lighter in the pocketbook :(
Missed you!

tam said...

I am so glad you are back! I miss laughing until I cry. I honestly consider that exercise. Tam

THE ROOST said...

Sorry about the ticket...It was a reminder to me to Slow Down! I have been "creeping up" lately too. Enjoy your time.

Heather said...

Oh no! I guess I got all the ones that you haven't gotten since you were 16. I have a lead foot that often gets me in trouble!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I used to have a lead foot... until our social worker made the Husband and I both take a driver's safety course before she would allow us to adopt the Tongginator.

Can I just say that sitting through a driver's safety course makes one feel SO much better about oneself? Seriously. I thought my two speeding tickets made me a horrible person. I was wrong. There are some SCARY drivers out there!

Sorry about your ticket! And might I suggest slowing down so that you don't have to meet the scary people I met. :)

Glad you had fun on your trip!