Just Rambling

PhotobucketPeepOne and Beachy Mimi did a little retail therapy on our Florida vacation.
First on the agenda was to get the Parental Unit a t-shirt that said, "Got Crabs?". PeepOne and Beachy Mimi thought this to be hilarious and a great gift for the PU.

I crack myself up.

There is a store I love in Destin called "Fresh Produce". Their summer wear is so colorful and "beachy" and comfortable. I seriously overdid. Especially after THE TICKET.

We also had a marvelous meal at "The Bonefish Grill". I love, love sea bass and their's is delightful.

I am allergic to shellfish so I did not share in the delight of PeepOne, who ate TONS of crabs.

Nope, sea bass or hamburgers for me.

The Queen B is taking a bloggy break. Peeps, she must really be tired to do this. Her summer has been non-stop and crazy. I have never seen a person cram so much stuff into a day...

Can I tell you that 10 days without internet access was terrible? It is one thing if you decide to take a break, it is quite another to have a break forced on you by computer malfunction. I am not "techy" in the least. When I have to get help for some computer issue, I feel so sorry for the helper on the phone who (a) does not understand English, (b) does not understand a "Southern" accent, and, (c) can't communicate with me because I don't know "tech-speak". Like, "Is your router on?" and I say, "Which box is that?" It is pretty sad.

In fact, it is amazing that I can blog at all. I know NOTHING about computers. Everything I do is by accident.

Harry, the cat, is suffocating me since my return. For the last two nights I have been awakened to his standing on my chest. He weighs 15 pounds so that is quite a sleep depriver.

That totally has nothing to do with anything, but as you can tell, I'm drawing a big blank here for subject matter. Just bear with me. I'm just out of practice. I'll soon be back to talking about inappropriate subjects before you know it.

Speaking of....do ya'll do hot tubs? Beachy Mimi does NOT. I cannot imagine putting the tootie in used water...eww. I cannot take a bath in a tub I have not personally scrubbed. Very protective of the tootie.

Well, there you go. Inappropriate subject matter at last. I haven't lost my touch.....

There will be a giveaway later this week.....


Alicia said...

So glad you're back!!!! I was having withdrawals from my daily BM!!!!

Drama Mama said...

Glad you are back with more tootie talk!
I let my own DramaMamaMother read your blog about tootie grooming- Oh my mercy we laughed out loud! I think she has you on her readin list now, but she doesn't have a blog- she is just a lurker!

Tammy said...

Phew, I am ecstatic over the spa ho's return. Yes I am!

I am on a little vacation down at the Gulf this week and honestly thought about you from a painting in the bathroom of the condo.

Now, hear me out.

It's a cute little lady in a swimsuit, and it's called Beach Mama. I need to take a photo of it and send it to you. I'm not saying it LOOKS like you, it just made me think of you. :-)

Tammy said...

Oh yea, and as for the hot tub and the tootie. Ummm, no thanks. I have seen what homesteads in the hot tub. ICK!

I need to keep my kids out of them too.

chickadee said...

i don't care for hot tubs myself either.

Drama Mama said...

BM- Run on over to the DP to calim your brilliant award!

Fuschia said...

Finally some appropriately inappropriate subject matter...been missin' ya!
I love Bone Fish's Chilean Sea Bass with the mango salsa...oh man!

jennifer said...

First of all, HELLO! Here by way of the Drama Pond. Congrats on your uber cool award!

Second of all, Tootie. That is a phrase that I never heard until I was a married lady. From Hubby. TMI first thing in the morning? So, we could be in a club or something.

And NO, I don't like Hot Tubs. Big germ cesspools if you ask me.

Fresh Produce? YES, the colors are fabulous but they cut their tshirts so short and my gut hangs UNDER it. I need coverage. So I don't get the joy of wearing their clothes.

Have a happy day and I am glad that you are back safe and sound.


Loving Our Homeschool said...

So glad you were able to squeeze in some inappropriate subject matter at the end. ROFL!!

Glad you're back!


a Tonggu Momma said...

I have no comment on the hot tub topic except to say I've never been a fan of them. The cat, however, we have a cat like that. Rusty likes to sleep on my head.

Pattik said...

Hey, PeepOne here. Yep, those
crab legs were soooooo good.
Wish I had some now. Oh what
a fun time we had! Already saving
for another adventure!

THE ROOST said...

NO hot tubs for me either! Love the Sea Bass too...The t-shirt is Too much:)

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

The tootie. You crack me up!

Glad you are home!

LOVE Bonefish and the seabass is my favorite!

I miss Queen B. I had to take a little break myself. Crazy isn't it?