We headed out on another road trip and stopped by the Kimberly Mine. One of the largest diamonds ever mined was found here. The Cullinan Diamond, which is not part of the Crown Jewels in England.

The mine has been filled with water.

I'm crazy about jewelery, and in the museum, under armed guard and in a special locked room, we saw the most beautiful diamonds imaginable. I couldn't take a picture for security reasons.

Africa is known for diamonds, but they are so expensive. One company owns most of the mining operations so they set the price at whatever. I just knew when I got there I would find a souvenir to bring home. NOT. Very expensive.

This is one of the old-time diamond finding machines that sorts the gravel and workers would hand pick the diamonds from the gravel. Actually, I guess they still have to go through the gravel to pick them out.

Mr. Wonderful graciously bought a bucket of gravel and sorted through to find a diamond. (The gravel probably came from the parking lot) Nope. Didn't find one.

Another scenic view.

A vendor selling wares on the street. Many people roam the street carrying merchandise on their heads, especially women. Most women have a baby or small child strapped to their back with a wide band of fabric. I didn't snap that because I felt I would be invading their privacy. (after I had already invaded the privacy of everyone else)

This is one of the MANY new soccer stadiums built for the World Cup.
A stoplight is called a robot in South Africa.

More tomorrow. Have a great day!!

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