Trees, Shrubs and Stuff

This photo is for Queen B and The Princess. It actually is not the best specimen but by the time I thought to take a picture it was the closest one.

The city put up a "fake tree" that is, a tall pole with fake branches, so it would blend in the the environment. The only problem is the fake tree is at least 20 feet taller than any tree in the whole town.

This tree is exactly like the fake one, although this particular one is on the shorter side. It just amused me. Okay. I continue on.

Has anyone wondered why I am taking shots from inside the car? There are signs on the side of the road that used to say "High Crime Area. Don't stop your car". In getting ready for the World Cup, the changed the signs to "High Car Wreck Area", as to not to scare the visitors.

There are many carjackings in towns (at stoplights) and on long stretches of highway. Unless Mr. Wonderful was assured of the area, I snapped from the car.
If we did have to stop at a gas station or potty stop, one of us always had to stay with the car.

Just a teaser with the elephant. I was actually just showing another tree!

Bad photo of a palm tree.

Mr. Wonderful drove about 4 hours to show me this one tree. I have always seen pictures of a Baobab Tree but I was really wanting to see a living one. This tree is about 125 years old and there was really no way to get the whole thing in one shot. It is massive.

I know, I know. BORING. But just one more. Driving down the road we saw a sign that said "Big Tree". I couldn't imagine one larger than the Baobab so we pulled off to check it out.

This is the national flower of South Africa. Isn't it beautiful!

More to come. Thanks for reading.

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