More Pictures of SA

A view of the beautiful valley sorta/kinda close to the hometown of a young Mr. Wonderful. Lots of orchards, vineyards and vegetables grown here.

If you have been following my African adventure, you've probably noticed that I haven't been showing you much of city life. Most of my "adventures" occured in smaller towns or off the usual beaten tourist path.

However, there are those places that are VERY upscale in South Africa. One of the things that shocked me was the affluence of a whole lot of people. I have never seen so many BMW, Mercedes and other European luxury cars on the road. I even saw a Bentley cruise past (probably doing 120 mmph). Drivers go very fast on the long straight roads.

I ate at some restaurants in Cape Town that would be upscale for anywhere in the world. The Victoria and Albert Waterfront at Cape Town has all the shoppping and entertainment one could ever want.

My purpose is to show you a little different part of SA.

This is a very nice house.

This is a small shot of the port in Cape Town. Lots of merchandise and goods go in and out of this location.

Another street view of Cape Town.

In another post I told you about visiting the Parliament, etc. On that same outing, we visited a castle that is now a militiary museum. Mr. Wonderful served in the army for 8 years and this was one of the places his group would have to muster (gather up).

He also wanted to show me one of the gazillion shopping malls in the city. It was massive. One floor is underground and another three on top of that. All the stores had tenants and the! Anything you could imagine. This place was so huge we had to ask how to get out. The mall was surrounded on three sides by parking garages 4-5 stories tall. They all looked the same. We could not remember how to get to our parking space and we asked about 10 different people how to get out of the mall. We got 10 different answers and none of them were correct. We wandered in there for 2 hours, trying different exits, before we found our car. Whew!

After that, we decided the city was not for us.
Another city view with a "taxi" full of people.

The taxi was coming from these communities, which are "shanty-towns" and they are huge and there are alot of them across the country.

Thanks for reading today! The animals are coming....


Dawn said...

In my mind, this just seems like a trip of a lifetime! You're doing a great job of sharing it with us. And, I like that you did a lot of "off the beaten path" type visits. That's how I like to see a place, too.

Tammy said...

I love all the photos!

When I went to Japan we went into what I would call a mall, but it was about 8-10 stories and on each floor were multiple interesting to see malls around the world.