Road Trip to the West Coast (of South Africa)

Some of the photos I am taking are hard to see without clicking on them to enlarge them. Zoom lens did not work this whole trip.

This is a hotel at the mouth of a river and the Atlantic Ocean on the West Coast of South Africa. As I indicated, we drove from coast to coast and top to bottom. This was just a "find a place and stop for the night".

A fishing boat that goes out on the Atlantic every morning.

Mr. Wonderful carrying the luggage.

The room.

We ate at this restaurant. Mr. Wonderful wanted to try some local fish...Dole or Sole or something like that. It was good.

This is NOT what I ate. This is a fish drying rack for a local delicacy. Not for me.

There's alot more to come. Animals...scenery...I'm trying to (drag) I mean ENTEND the posts so my Peeps can have a sense of my adventure.

I love ya! Thanks for reading.

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