Some Answers To Your Question (s)

Someone or two actually asked me a question!!! I am so excited.

So, I'm going to stick some general information about our trip in this post.

First, this is a typical African Cow. I put this in for Queen B and The Princess since they love cows now. The cows just graze on the side of the road because people have stolen the fencing materials that keep them confined. That material is usually sold to someone else, or used on someone's house. I'm not judging. Just reporting.

On the Devil Monkey. I did not provoke it. I smiled at it and did not have beer to offer the little sot. I do not produce good monkey karma.

About the food. There are some wonderful grocery stores that are similar to Publix in many towns. Smaller towns have small town grocery stores. Tiny places have a general store/post office/gas pump.

There are many great restaurants with every kind of food you can imagine (except Mexican). We were "camping" so much we chose to do our own food because Mr. Wonderful wanted to do it (he grew up that way) and there is a grill at most every
place we stayed.

We went to the grocery store everyday because they make fresh bread all through the day EVERYDAY and the fresh fruit is abundant. The potatoes are similar to the gold
buttery tasting ones you can get here, but they are a different variety and so clean and good. The meat...lets just say I ate lots of things and they always had chicken.

This is the typical taxi service that runs to the communities that have no transportation. You never ever ever want to ride in one of these. Find a yellow taxi. I kid you not, we saw 23 people unload from one of these. They had little kids stuffed under the rows of bench seats and people in laps of other people. No air conditioning in these. They never signal. They pull off or on the road on a whim. Gotta watch carefully!

My photos are refusing to upload so I'll stop for now. More later!

Thanks for reading.


Dawn said...

Thanks for the answers and extra details!

Be blessed!

Fuschia said...

WOW! That's all I can!

tam said...

How long were you gone? What an adventure!

The Princess said...

Thanks for the cow:)

The Princess