The First Roadtrip

Mr. Wonderful had planned a first little "getaway" to a favorite childhood resort called Die Oog. In English that is something like The Wook, which means hot springs or something.

Just thought I would stick a picture of our car here.
The driver is on the right and you drive on the left. Anyway, I would NEVER attempt this myself. Notice the Coke can. No Pepsi at all in South Africa!!

These little huts are called Rondovals, which I suppose means little round house. This roof is straw or thatch and this is the view from the inside.

This is the kitchen. This is a microwave/hotplate combo. To turn on electricity, you have to flip a switch above the plug-in place, which is a pretty good energy saving idea.

This is the bathtub and yes, Peeps, that is a LIZARD.
My first encounter with a South African animal.

At the end of the day we have the usual braai with friends. I loved the South African food!

This resort had a ginormous spring fed hot water pool that was fabulous. I didn't think you needed to see Beachy Mimi in a bathing suit.

You would thank me. Trust me.

On the road again tomorrow.


Dawn said...

Love the ceiling in the little round house. Question for you - did you shop every day for what you were going to eat? It really didn't look like there was a fridge or much storage. Just curious.

More, please!

Queen B said...

The lack of Pepsi products and the lizard in the tub are not making me want to go with you.

The Princess said...

I can't imagine two things:

1. You in a bathing suit. Hehe.
2. Having to bathe in a tub with a lizard.

The Princess