We visited Mr. Wonderful's cousin in this part of the country. She sent this same view in a June photo and the ground was covered in snow.

Ostrich farming used to be a big industry here. With the down-turn of the ecomony is isn't so much now. But, people still use the feathers and EAT THE MEAT. Yep, Ostrich steak is not so bad. I kid. I didn't eat.

Sorry, Cousin. I just thought I needed to include you in this post. She was so sweet. She cooked out supper of Hake and Chips (fish and chips). Yummy.

After sight-seeing, we stopped at a local restaurant to eat.

This is what I chose to eat.

This is why I didn't eat it.

Fido came in off the street and stayed by me the whole time we ate.

The menu.

Mr. Wonderful and I posed after lunch.

More later, Peeps! Thanks for reading.


Fuschia said...

Keep 'em coming. I'm not doing so hot at commenting, but I AM reading!! And enjoying the pics. :)

Dawn said...

Silly girl! You should have been adventurous and tried the osterich - even I, who have never been further out of the US than Canada and the Bahamas, have tried it. It truly does taste like good, lean beef.

My Dad was a career pilot and flew for a number of companies who had a lot of contracts for for relief and humanitarian groups. One contract they flew back in the mid-70's was taking ostriches over to Africa! He said the flights were always rathre unnerving because the crew always felt like someone was watching them - they'd look back through the plane (not divided like current planes, mostly because they were big C130 cargo planes) and see hundreds of beady eyes staring at them!

Hmmm... maybe you were looking at the great, great grandbabies of those birds! LOL