The Detox: Part Three

Okay, Peeps.

I am not affiliated in any way with the foot detox people.

When I got home from my lovely beach trip...

That's PeepOne and Beachy Mimi sunning...heh heh

Mr. Wonderful had ordered his own foot detox machine for our home!

He researched the whole process for about 6 hours...Mr. W is all about research...and found a machine that he felt was the best for us.

It came in the mail on Tues. and we immediately set it up when Mr. W got home from work.

I set it up in the bathroom with my leopard print closet chair (so cute) in front of the tv (yes, I have a tv in my bathroom.   I can't help it.   I have tv issues).

Mr. W went first because I couldn't wait to make fun of him for the nasty detox water.   I will insert here that they sent a chart to help you decide what the colors in the water mean.   Like, heavy metals, liver, gall bladder, etc.  Also, someone mentioned that the water would turn colors without your feet in the water.   That's true.   However, that water is not oily/greasy (sorry, just being truthful) like your detox water is.

After Mr. W did his detox, I did mine.   Our water was completely different.  We spent the whole time staring at the tub saying, "Wow.  Look at that!   Gross!"

We have limited entertainment venues in our town.   We have to make our own fun.

Now, I'm not saying do this treatment or anything.  I'm just reporting.   At the Beachy House, we have much more energy.

This will probably be my last in depth report on the nasty.  But I will say that Mr. W has noticed  a significant difference in me.   He says I am "brighter".   However, that could be attributed to my hair color...just being truthful...  I'm not as sluggish and droopy in the afternoon and evening as I have been for the last ten years little bit.

And here PeepOne and Beachy Mimi are walking down the beach...bwahahahahahaha

I just tickle myself.   Thanks to the girls who unknowingly had their picture taken. heh heh

My bad.

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Fuschia said...

You beat me to the punch! I was going to tell you and PeepOne how lovely your tans are. ;)