I'm so very surprised no one has suggested a photography class for Beachy Mimi.

I guess you are just being too kind.

While Mr Wonderful toils away at the shop, The Parental Unit, PeepOne and Beachy Mimi are messing around on the beach enjoying this magnificent weather.

As I told you, The PU just turned 88 and we are helping her celebrate.

I am being so helpful to her by holding down this little piece of sandy beach so it won't blow away.

The waves are such a therapeutic time for me.

Speaking of toes...which we weren't...What color are your toes this Fall?    I am still on my standard pinky-pink but I have noticed alot of purple.

Tell me what you are wearing, Peeps!


ByTheSea said...

I am due for a change but I love this kinda coral pink I have been wearing all summer. Makes feel good. :)

Dawn said...

I've worn a purply-pink all summer. Just about to change to another color but not sure what.

Love the color of the sand and water in your pics... gorgeous!!!

Fuschia said...

Maybe we could take a photography class together. :)

I gave myself a pedi yesterday; my usually hot pink toes are now a deep red with a gold metallic shimmer. Sounds fancy, huh?

linda said...


Anonymous said...

looks like some classic toemail pics to me, lol.

Sheila said...

Mine are as festive as the others. They are a dark gray. Kinda muddy looking. but in a pretty feminine way. It's a fall color.

PeepOne said...

Hey..PeepOne here. So glad to be at the beach with Beachy Mimi and
my dear 88 year old friend. Making memories forever. My toes are red.

RR Mama said...

Hate to say it right now I am wearing Cajun Shrimp, more of a deep coral color. I love Smokin' in Havana and I'm Not Really Waitress. I also like Soho Nice To Meet Ya. By the way all the colors are by OPI. I have been looking at a new color by them Ladies and Magentamen, but haven't commited it to my toes yet.