Off down another road, we ran into another glacier.

Don't have a clue about the name.

ICEBERGS!!   Well, maybe not bergs...but they were ice chunks in the water.   Does it have to be a certain size before you can call it a berg?

Apparently this facinated me.

This was so cool.  It is a tunnel that runs for 2.5 miles through a mountain of solid rock.   You must pay $12 and wait for your schedule.   It runs for about15-30 minutes one way, then it reverses and allows vehicles to come back through.  In the summer, a train also shares the tunnel which makes the wait time longer.

On the other side is Whittier.  A pretty little town.  Cruise ships dock here.  I think the only way to get there is by water or through that tunnel.

Isn't that water so blue and beautiful?

Lots of fishing in this little place.   Not even a grocery store, though.

More boats

And yet another tunnel to drive through.   I loved that!

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Fuschia said...

The first photo of the boats...GORGEOUS!!!