We drove alot.  That was great because we got to see and experience alot of stuff.  One day we drove to Seward, which is a coastal town.  Back in the Earthquake of 1964 (I remember it.   Most of you weren't born) a tsunami destroyed this town and fuel tanks burned.   What the water didn't get, the fire did.
Because of the  location, they can get extreme snows.   Our little waiter told us last year they got 6' of snow in one day.   Some people who were inside their homes and didn't realize the snow was falling so hard got trapped (couldn't get the door open).

Just a lovely little fishing community.

...with beautiful views all around.

I saw a puffin!

We left Seward and decided to see how close we could get to a glacier.  There are hundreds of glaciers in Alaska, and some of them have names.   This is Exit Glacier (doesn't make sense to me either).

This is the reason I didn't go closer to the glacier.

Proof that I did walk hike in the woods.

My protector.

More stuff tomorrow, Peeps!

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Fuschia said...

A puffin! How cool!!