Alaska Animal Sanctuary

another bear

very large, hungry bear

Caribou   (reindeer)
One thing that disappointed me was the lack of animal sightings.

There wasn't even roadkill to talk about.

So, we found some animal sanctuaries that take in abandoned or injured animals and leave the healthy animals in the wild.   I like that idea.

Here are a few pictures of things we saw.

Baby Musk Ox

Musk Ox

 Actually, this is the Musk Ox.   I'm not sure what the other thing is.

Injured bear.

Lazy Moose

Lazy Moose...rear view

We actually saw many more...polar bear, yak,  larger moose, camel (camel? in Alaska?),  grizzly, baby grizzly, etc., but somehow those pictures did not make it.

I sort of felt like I was violating the animals by taking pictures of them in captivity.  I know they would otherwise be dead, but it still felt wrong.

Anyway, this is a sampling of what we saw.   They were being well taken care of.


Beckie said...

I'm thinking that one you couldn't identify is a buffalo. Love the Alaska pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Penny said...

I was thinking it was a buffalo as well. I am enjoying reading your post and enjoying God's beauty through your pictures. Thanks for sharing them!

Fuschia said...

I'm going with Buffalo too. :)

Your kindheartedness to not photograph the animals warms my heart. <3