We did alot of driving.   I think I said that already.   Sorry.  There is so much to see!  These red berries...

...were on these trees.  Such a beautiful splash of color for the Fall.

As we headed North, we passed through Wasilla.   The famous resident was there (we saw her on TV that night) but was not out and about.   However, we did see a moose on the side of the road.   Mr. Wonderful was driving too fast in traffic so we didn't get a picture.

We also saw a bear out on the tundra, but we had to view it through binoculars and couldn't get a picture.

This is a bear from the hotel.   Does that count?

I thought not.

This is Mt. McKinley from 41 miles away.  We decided to drive to Denali National Park (a 3hour drive one way) and got within 27 miles and found out it was closed for the season.  The residents call this mountain Denali.

Mt. McKinley (Denali) is over 20,000 ft. tall and is the highest peak in North America.

The creeks are rather dry.  Just wait until that snow (that will be coming) melts!

As we traveled Northward, the trees were shedding leaves faster.

Random tree shot.

I'm sure I thought this shot had the time.   Don't remember now.

Did you know there are more trees in Alaska than any other state?

Another random.   I guess it was the mountain.

That's all for today, Peeps.   More later...

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Fuschia said...

I think your blog may become a homeschool resource for the Pinks! Love the pics AND the commentary. :)