In case anyone was wondering...all my bloggy stuff has fallen to the bottom of the page.  Hmmm.   Not sure what to do about that.

I've been promising you pictures from Alaska and here they are.   I must tell you, they are not great.

My skillz as a photog would not sustain me if I had to do this for  a living.

As I said, Mr. Wonderful planned this whole thing.

We landed in Anchorage after a  LONG flight.  FYI...if you haven't flown lately, they charge you for everything. Unless, of course, you are in First Class.  To do THAT you must have $$ to blow or have a very liberal expense account.   However, it is always full. juice was free.  One glass for a 7 hour flight.

Back to the story.  We drove for about an hour to a beautiful resort  in Girwood, Alaska.

It is the Alyeska Resort, which is the only ski resort in Alaska open year round.  It is pronounced Ally es ka.

I first thought someone was trying to spell "Alaska" and missed.   Anyway...

To get to Girwood, one must take one of the most scenic drives along the Cook Inlet and specifically Turnagain Arm.   Long story,  won't bore you.

The parking lot.  haha

If you look carefully, there is a little building at the top of this mountain.  There is a chair lift from the hotel to get up there, and a nice restaurant with a great view.

We saved this for the last day/night to eat and take pictures.   Big Mistake.   Big.   Huge.
Snow moved it and it was totally wrapped in snow/fog.

This is my new Alaska home.   JUST KIDDING.

Tomorrow Seward and a glacier.

Thanks for reading, Peeps.

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