Since we felt so much better after our first foot detox, we made appointments to go back for a second treatment.   You can do it every three days for 14 sessions.

Unfortunately we won't be here for 14 sessions, but anything is better than nothing.

This is the water as we began

Nice and clean.  I'm feeling pretty good at this point.

PeepOne's water is clear, too.  She's feeling pretty cocky.

This is after 5  minutes.   My joint issues are showing up in the color of the water, plus PeepOne's joint issues are showing plus yeast.

Am I getting too personal?  

Just being truthful.  I'm all about truth and fairness.  Heh Heh

After 15 minutes we both are showing deeper joint problems (which we have) and yeast.

As an aside, aren't those towels under the basins cute?

The results.   The diagnosis.  The gross.
PeepOne...the joints.
Beachy Mimi...near death.   What is that nasty?   Liver, gallbladder, and every coca cola I have had in the past fiftyyears few days.

I need to go to bed and be waited on.   I feel sick...

I feel we must get Monistat immediately.

More later, Peeps.


Fuschia said...

HOLY COW! All that stuf comes out of your feet!?! Pretty sure I didn't need to know that...or maybe I did...denial isn't only a river in Egypt anymore!!

Toemailer said...

Can't be, that is just too weird. What really causes the discoloration?

Tammy said...

What.In.The.World. I have never heard of such....I'm off to consult the google.

PeepOne said...

PeepOne here....I would really like to keep my yeast problem
private....thank you very much!

Penny said...

What kind of foot bath are you getting? Can you really tell a difference after the "detox"?

Julie said...

I am wondering, too - how do you know what the junk in the water is? That just fascinates me.