Traveling to Kruger Park

I didn't think time would allow us to vist the great Kruger Park.   In total square miles, the park is the size of Arkansas.   But, Mr. Wonderful being who he is, made a plan for us to go...just for a night and day.

The night before we (he) found a little hotel in the middle of nowhere.  The grounds were beautiful AND a five course dinner was included.  It was an outstanding meal.

BEACHY MIMI EMBARASSING MOMENT.  I admit, I've never eaten a 5 course meal that didn't include chips, hamburger, fries, milkshake and dessert.   So we sit down to eat and I say "Oh look, they have a butter knife at each placesetting!"   Mr. Wonderful replies, " love...that is a fish knife."

Okay then.

I've used those things as butter knives ALL MY LIFE and had no idea a fish knife even exsisted.
Random shot of the grounds
entering the hotel area...beautiful

This was...disturbing.   Emergency for what?   Escaping lions?   I slept with one eye open.

Outside dining area...and as always, a place to braai.

Tableclothes, china and the works.   I was underdressed.   Not really.  No one dressed up but the restaurant ended up being full with waiting lines.  The menu is whatever they have cooked for tonight.   Fabulous.

More pictures of the hotel grounds.   We also had a wonderful breakfast (also included).  Loading up the next morning.

Headed to Kruger Park.     Later Peeps.   I love ya.

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