Puerto Rico The First Day

The sign we couldn't see in the dark.   Mr. Trump is building a large condo village on a PGA golf course next door.   Starting price...a million and up.   It seemed deserted, but beautiful

Another beautiful fountain on the way to the resort.

I REALLY like pretty fountains.

This large...lizard? was running across the parking lot on our first morning...about 50 of them live in a pond on the property.

A view from our beach.  No sand here, just rocks.   It was still beautiful.

We left for town to find something for lunch. 

Why did we choose this?   I have no idea.  We saw many locals eating here so we thought, why not?

I ordered chicken enchilada and got:   curry chicken, pork fried rice and french fries.   Lots of it.

Mr. Wonderful ordered...something...and got curried beef, pork fried rice and french fries.   Lots of it.

Something we sort of recognized. (not the alcohol...the sign)

Walmart!!  I was glad to see something familiar.  I had to get cokes for the room.   That room bar is $$$$.

Tomorrow...more pictures of  PR.   I love you Peeps.   Thank you so much for reading about my little adventures.   It's fun to look back through the pictures and relive the memories.

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